Mitch McConnell’s Wife Learned A Lot From Him

Fox News contributor Elaine Chao has recently appeared on Fox Business to criticize Obama over the economy and push the falsehood that he stripped the work requirement from welfare. During these appearances, Fox didn’t disclose that Chao is a national chair of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Fox News has made it a regular practice to not disclose some of its frequent guests’ ties to the Romney campaign. [Media Matters]

Yet another reason for people to distrust the Associated Press. First it was Republicans, now it’s Democrats. [HuffPo]

A slowdown in Kentucky’s mining industry is causing financial problems. Diminished severance tax revenue could force some planned construction projects in the coalfields to be postponed. [WFPL]

President Obama’s chances of winning the election have risen in the past week, according to poll-guru Nate Silver of the New York Times and the gamblers on Intrade. [Business Insider]

Kentucky will likely elect this man again because Democrats can’t get their act together without eating their own alive. “I haven’t been watching the Democratic National Convention speeches because I don’t need to; I already know what they’re all going to say,” McConnell said. “They’re going to say, ‘It’s not our fault,’ and we need to tell them we’ve given them four years; we’re not giving them another four.” [Jessamine Journal]

The Kentucky Humane Society has received a sizable grant to spay and neuter certain dogs and cats in parts of Louisville for free, but the program isn’t going as planned. [WDRB]

HAHAHA! With the savage roar of the heathen Democratic horde rising all around him, President Barack Obama delivered an incendiary speech to close his party’s national convention Thursday night, commanding the ultraprogressive minions in attendance to help him “destroy Jesus and usher in a new age of liberal darkness that shall reign o’er the earth for a thousand years.” [The Onion]

A Kentucky middle school student is in police custody and faces dozens of felony charges after police say he made a hit list. [WKYT]

Sandra Fluke makes professional conservatives go insane every time she opens her mouth. At 31, she has become the youngest visible general fighting against what Democrats call “the war against women.” [WaPo]

Mouth-breather alert! Anti-Muslim organizer Pamela Geller has joined forces with Justice Department attorney and author, J. Christian Adams, in a scathing critique of a National Geographic Museum exhibit on the contributions of Muslim scientists. [HuffPo]

The Berea City Council plans to serve as Berea College’s bond issuing authority to finance a “Deep Green” residence hall to be built near Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant. [Richmond Register]