Enter To Win A Fancy Copy Of “Cornbread Mafia”

We’re giving away several copies this week but first…

We’ve mentioned Jim Higdon’s hot-selling new book Cornbread Mafia a few times. Frankfort’s buzzing. Everyone is buying it up.

You can buy it up, too:

Because it’s important to support Kentucky authors and journalists. Even when they’re covering an issue that you may not want to discuss.

Many journalists, academics and wealthy types in Kentucky love to talk about brain drain. They love to press others to support things they care about – like telling stories that are truly borne of Kentucky. Just seems that very few of them are ever willing to put their money where their mouths are.

So let’s do this thing and send Jim Higdon on a book tour:

He’s got less than two weeks left to raise a small amount of money. There’s no reason Kentucky can’t support one of its own.

Now for the fun stuff.

We’re giving away several copies of Cornbread Mafia this week and you can enter to win. Here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling everyone about your favorite decades old Kentucky scandal. You must enter your real email address in the comment form so you can be contacted if you’re a winner. You may also email Jake if you don’t feel comfortable commenting.


  • Make a Kickstarter pledge to support Higdon’s book tour and email Jake a copy or Tweet it at him to prove you’ve pledged

You’ve got until this Sunday, April 15 to enter. Winners will be contacted on Monday.

Get at it!

28 thoughts on “Enter To Win A Fancy Copy Of “Cornbread Mafia”

  1. The first scandal that comes to mind is ‘Operation Boptrot’ that encompassed several members of the KY House and Senate that took bribes to support the horse racing industry.

  2. Boptrot; and how there is supposed to be a video sealed by a circuit judge which has strippers, Kent Downey and the current speak of the House.

  3. Fletcher’s “Jobtrot”, instead of just cautiously taking their time and putting in their friends, they blatantly put it in the Dem’s face as a pay back. I’m not saying the Dems haven’t done the same, but at least the Dem’s didn’t electronically coordinate a plan. Discretion is a Southern Gents most valued skill and a mature politician’s virtue!

  4. Call me old fashioned, but I like Beauchamp–Sharp Affair all the way back in 1825: politics, sex, murder, and the state’s first legal execution.

  5. The Bluegrass Conspiracy. Many of us who are related to her still wonder what happened to Melanie Flynn.

  6. I think Kentucky started sliding backwards when the legislature gained more power than the Governor. History shows that a Ky. Governor could introduce a budget, get it through the House and Senate and signed in 5 days. Now, it takes 5 days alone for do-nothing Beshear to have a single thought. When a single person from a grease-spot in rural Kentucky has the influence to steer the state into the ditch is the worst scandel ever. Kentucky’s best and brightest go to other places to succeed and we are stuck with backwood old white farts that are drunk with power and cheap drugs. Kentucky’s future is based on the success of its three largest cities. One of them currently has the dumbest and most arrogant waste of hog shit for a Mayor who allows a drunk City Directors drive for months luckily the schmuck didn’t kill someone.

  7. Great piece of reading, especially for those engaged in active business during those years!…lots knew most of whats in the book before the book , but like now, no one paid attention.

  8. My favorite quote is from Gatewood regarding the Boptrot scandal, something to the effect of: “If I knew that you could buy a legislator for only $500 in Kentucky, then hemp would be legal today.”

  9. Politics – decades old subdivision – Boptrot
    Politics – Contemporary – Fletcher’s Jobs scandal altough Richie will top this, I predict
    Sports – decades old – Kewntucky’s basketball shame
    Sports – contemporary = Bobby Petrino

  10. The best scandal is what will be discovered in the cabinet for economic development when somebody looks into how much time and money they waste marketing themselves as a high-tech hot spot.

  11. Boptrot. I remember my mother served on a jury during one of the trials. I was young but fascinated at the stories she would tell me dad.

  12. I came across the history of a past Treasurer named, James “Honest Dick” Tate. He was nicknamed “Honest Dick” because of his good reputation and rapport with his colleagues.
    For years no one thought to audit his books and once they tried.., he vanished with over $250,000 of the treasuries money.
    Ironic right?

  13. I think the one that comes to mind for me is the Tina Conner/Paul Patton scandal that came to light back in 2002. My first real taste of KY politics and sexytime!!!

  14. I was going to mention Operation Boptrot but so many others made mention of it already. Paul Patton and Tina Conner is a recent one. Fletcher flying his plane over restrictive air space without permission is a doozy.

  15. The Bluegrass Conspiracy. However, are our odds better if we mention one of the stories you have broke the news with?

  16. The biggest scandal in modern times is how long Lonnie Napier has gotten away with his hair color!?!

  17. I must correct Kent Hall. Fletcher’s aircraft did have permission, the transponder was malfunctioning.

  18. Best read: Bluegrass Conspiracy

    Best villian: Rick Pitino in the Sypher story

    Best laugh: Richie Farmer’s exit from Ag Dept and the hilarity of scandals that followed him

    Best Overall: Boptrot

  19. Sadly tragic – the Steve Nunn breakdown, murder of girlfriend. So sad….and shocking (to me anyway).

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