Enter To Win A Fancy Copy Of “Cornbread Mafia”

We’re giving away several copies this week but first…

We’ve mentioned Jim Higdon’s hot-selling new book Cornbread Mafia a few times. Frankfort’s buzzing. Everyone is buying it up.

You can buy it up, too:

Because it’s important to support Kentucky authors and journalists. Even when they’re covering an issue that you may not want to discuss.

Many journalists, academics and wealthy types in Kentucky love to talk about brain drain. They love to press others to support things they care about – like telling stories that are truly borne of Kentucky. Just seems that very few of them are ever willing to put their money where their mouths are.

So let’s do this thing and send Jim Higdon on a book tour:

He’s got less than two weeks left to raise a small amount of money. There’s no reason Kentucky can’t support one of its own.

Now for the fun stuff.

We’re giving away several copies of Cornbread Mafia this week and you can enter to win. Here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling everyone about your favorite decades old Kentucky scandal. You must enter your real email address in the comment form so you can be contacted if you’re a winner. You may also email Jake if you don’t feel comfortable commenting.


  • Make a Kickstarter pledge to support Higdon’s book tour and email Jake a copy or Tweet it at him to prove you’ve pledged

You’ve got until this Sunday, April 15 to enter. Winners will be contacted on Monday.

Get at it!