No, Not All Of Kentucky Hates The Gays, GLAAD

The classes are drifting apart. Can the rich save the American dream by preaching what they practice? [The Economist]

No, you weren’t dreaming when we told you Phil Moffett was running for office. So take your pee break now before reading about it from the Associated Press. [H-L]

SuperPACs are worrying the DCCC chairman. Unfortunately, the Democrats were basically voiceless and silent when this mess came to fruition. [Politico]

Louisville has a few new finalists for Metro Police chief. A couple of them are shockingly great. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Now that Papaw Beshear has suddenly decided the bourbon industry is worthy of his attention – after nearly five years – we can only hope he starts paying attention to Kentucky’s ridiculous label taxation and the fact that it’s tough to get many imports in the Commonwealth. [WFPL]

Goodness gracious, isn’t anything safe these days? Some doofus burgled a pharmacy in Georgetown. [WLEX18]

You already know Laurel County is a hot mess. Almost as bad as Clay County. So this won’t surprise you in the least. [WKYT]

Finally some news from Eastern Kentucky that isn’t embarrassing. Some high school students in Morehead made an astronomical discovery. [H-L]

Really, Joe Gerth? When has the legislature ever NOT been meek? The filing deadline issue is just their excuse this time. [C-J/AKN]

What would Jesus do if he was a teabagger wingnut “Christian”? Oh, the jokes to be made. [Wonkette]

We’re still loosely alarmed that these are the people in charge of making sure the University of Louisville Hospital isn’t a nightmare. [Page One]

Did you see Rachel Maddow get into a slap fight on the teevee about the Republicans trying to wage a war on contraception? She ought to remind Americans that Democrats are pussing out and doing the same damn thing. [HuffPo]

GLAAD ought to recognize that you can’t fire someone for being gay in Louisville. Not ALL of Kentucky is a disaster. [GLAAD]

People often ask us why the House Democrats aren’t as organized as the House Republicans. But they’ve finally started putting press releases or something online, occasionally. They just never tell anyone about them. Because 99% of the Dem staffers are 80-years-old and have no clue what the internet is. [Democratic Caucus]