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Beshear Administration Folks Allegedly Threatening Social Workers With Retribution

January 13th, 2012 · 1 Comment

You know what’s crazy but not surprising? Some of the social workers interviewed for this Debby Yetter story tell us they were threatened with retribution. [C-J/AKN]

Told ya Richie Farmer was dumber than a rock and more corrupt than Keith Hall, Ruth Ann Palumbo and Jim Gooch combined. Nearly $500,000 worth of equipment is MISSING from the Department of Agriculture. You won’t believe the list of equipment. Take a look. [H-L]

Wait for it, wait for it. Now Jim Ramsey is calling for a review of the Quality and Charity Care Trust (indigent care board) at the University of Louisville. This is precisely why it would have been a bad idea for Adam Edelen to take a seat on the UofL Foundation board while a candidate. [FOX41]

Ron Paul is apparently the most dangerous man in the Republican Party. [WaPo]

Wait, maybe he’s just a dilemma for Republicans? Most can’t stomach his desire to kill all kinds of federal agencies. [Reuters]

Greg Stumbo and pals are now getting into personal squabbles over redistricting. That’s what a hot mess it is. Flustercuck, truly. [Ronnie Ellis]

Rand Paul gave $500,000 of his U.S. Senate budget back to the gubmint. [WAVE3]

Hold on to your panties, everyone, because Republicans are mad about a debt ceiling increase that they already agreed to. [Wonkette]

Laughter, tears and fond recollections filled Gatewood Galbraith’s memorial service. [H-L, WTVQ, C-J/AKN]

Patrick Leahy, author of the controversial PROTECT IP anti-piracy bill now says “more study” is needed. Which says to us that he didn’t actually write it. Maybe he’s bought and paid for like everyone else. [WSJ]

President Barack Obama is seeking greater power to shrink the federal government. Somehow, though, the teabaggers will find a way to freak out about this. [HuffPo]

Urgent breaking news: sometimes when it snows in the winter? It gets slick. But 99% of the population forgets. Every year. [WKYT]

Stephen Colbert is now toying with a run for the presidency in South Carolina. Not only would it wreak havoc on politics? It’d help point out how corrupt campaign finance has become. [Politico]

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  • 1 Ed Marksberry // Jan 13, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    Redistricting really brings out the, “it’s all about me” syndrome that most politicans suffer from.