OMHS Only Has One Medicaid Contract Signed

What on earth is going on in Owensboro this year?

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Now we learn that Owensboro Medical Health System only has one Medicaid managed care contract signed. One.

From the Messenger-Inquirer on November 14:

Owensboro Medical Health System has a contract with Well-Care of Kentucky, one of three managed care organizations providing Medicaid insurance in the state, and a verbal agreement with CoventryCares of Kentucky, which OMHS hopes to have finalized soon.


[S]ome patients expressed concern that OMHS was contracted with a different MCO than theirs. OMHS Vice President of Finance Russ Ranallo said he hopes OMHS will have contracts with all three MCOs at some point…


“We’ve had discussions with them, but we have more hurdles to overcome, more administrative burden, higher co-pays and the rate methodology of how we’re going to get paid,” Ronallo said. “We’ve had difficult overcoming that, so at this point, it doesn’t appear we’ll be contracted with Kentucky Spirit.”


“We go through all our responsibilities, make sure everyone is on the same page, negotiate the language and rates, but what happened with this was, (the state gave us) a 90-day time frame to do three contracts, and it was near impossible to get it all done.”

What’s the big deal, you’re wondering?

Patients were automatically assigned to managed care organizations based on their physicians and were split based on federal rules.

Puppies and rainbows. Nothing to see here, move along.