We Told You The Feds Were Coming To The KRS

Yes, we treated yesterday as a holiday that was established in honor of a genocidal maniac as an actual holiday. Why do you ask? We got all kinds of work done.

Many (read: most) of Steve Beshear’s 2007 campaign pledges remain undone. He didn’t balance the budget as he loves to bullshit, didn’t pass gambling, hasn’t solved the tax crisis, has pat-a-caked on education (save the spin, he’s done jack shit), nearly killed elder abuse legislation, hasn’t created jobs and continues to ignore the real problems of this state. [John Cheves]

Alison Grimes released some sort of thing about jobs. But let’s get real. The Secretary of State is a paper pusher and does not create jobs. She just needs to quit with the silliness and actually campaign. And maybe get a press handler who doesn’t constantly flake out on reporters who want their questions answered. [2011 Is Bad For Kentucky]

Way to go, rural America. Thanks for standing up to douche hats calling you inbred. [WFPL]

It’s official! Clay County is the armpit of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We thought it was Covington for a long time. Now there’s no disputing it. [H-L]

The next time you’re trying to claim someone suppresses the student voice, that of labor and Wall Street protesters… maybe you should make sure that someone hasn’t written about all three ad nauseam, hasn’t written about sending people to prison for taking advantage of students, doesn’t have a giant section of their website dedicated to organized labor, doesn’t publish op-eds from actual protesters. Just a thought. [We Get Crazy Ass Comments & Threats]

Your life has to be pretty horrible to steal flags from a memorial honoring service members. [WKYT]

Maybe someone should clue Al Cross in to the fact that the gubernatorial race has been a letdown primarily because people like him have refused to hold Steve Beshear or anyone else accountable. [C-J/AKN]

Really, Republicans, this is what you have to offer? An embarrassing teabagger cut from the same cloth as David Adams and Mica Sims? A guy who is in bankruptcy while running for auditor? You know my thoughts on Adam Edelen, as I’ve shared them for years, but he’s light years more competent than that guy. [More John Cheves]

Last night Adam Edelen pointed out what a hypocrite teabagger John Kemper is. Two bankruptcies, lying, hypocrisy. And he hadn’t even paid his taxes. [Page One]

At least one mainstream media outlet recognizes that Jack Conway’s flip-flop on the mortgage corruption is just that – a flip-flop. That’s how irrelevant Kentucky has become. [Fox Business]

Papaw says better financial days are ahead. But we all know that couldn’t be further from reality. At least for Kentucky. [CN|2]

We told you so! The feds have subpoenaed current and former Kentucky Retirement Systems executives. So much for you hateful hacks accusing me of fabricating reality. You had it coming. [STILL MORE John Cheves]