Jack Lied: Mainstream Proves He’s Been Bought

The Republican Party of Kentucky has forgotten that it planned to hit Jack Conway every day over his involvement in his brother’s drug scandal. Good to know they give up almost as easily as the KDRP. [RPK Failure]

From the No Shit, Sherlock files: Eric Cantor says the Occupy Wall Street “mobs” are “pitting Americans against Americans.” They’re pitting common sense folks against people like Eric Cantor. [HuffPo]

We bet Kathy Stein is happy Alan will have an actual social life and free time now that he’s retired from sports CEOing. [H-L]

Can’t be having whistleblowers, right? Gotta panic and stifle free speech even more. [NY Times]

Comment on Kentucky might not suck tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests: Ryan Alessi, Joe Arnold, Linda Blackford. [KET]

When Jack Conway tells you he isn’t bought and paid for? Here’s proof that he is – literally – bought and paid for by corporations like Office Depot, Pfizer, Genentech, American Natural Gas Alliance, Anheuser Busch and ServiceMaster. They’re literally funding his re-election bid. [C-J/AKN]

Quick, buy up all kinds of canned goods and terlit paper! The world banking system is gonna collapse in a few weeks. [Wonkette]

The September jobless rate remained at 9.1% despite the country adding 103,000 new jobs, which were probably all seasonal. [HuffPo]

Kentucky got a federal $2.5 million grant to buy and demolish 26 homes in Pike County. That’s nearly $100K per home. Somebody’s making out like a bandit. [WKYT]

Mining is completely safe. But somebody dies every five seconds in Eastern Kentucky. [H-L]

If you missed it on The ‘Ville Voice this morning, River Fields in Louisville has turned into a group of Whiny Ass Titty Babies because Metro Council has decided to hold them accountable for their outlandish bullshit and obstruction. They’re the reason Louisville’s bridges are a disaster. [WHAS11]

You a gigantic space nerd, maybe? The International Space Station could be visible during the early Saturday morning hours. [WLEX18]