The Silly Bluegrass Institute Goes Full Teabagger

Screw embargoes from ignorant teabaggers.

Here’s what Jim Waters of the Bluegrass Institute for Utter Teabagger Bullshit just tried to “embargo” (there is no embargo until I agree to the deal – that’s the way everyone has operated in our experience the past six or seven years) until August 1 (really? a week? the White House doesn’t even do that):

Former gubernatorial candidate becomes Bluegrass Institute president and CEO

(LOUISVILLE, Ky.) – Phil Moffett, Louisville businessman and former GOP gubernatorial candidate, is the new president and CEO of the Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions.

Moffett announced that the institute would reshape its mission from a traditional “think tank” to a “do tank” by forming an alliance with Kentucky businesses and liberty organizations statewide, including Tea Parties, the Kentucky 9/12 Project and Take Back Kentucky. This new coalition will focus on specific missions promoting free markets, smaller government, reduced government spending and limited regulation.

“The time is right to team the intellectual capital of the Bluegrass Institute with the organizational strengths and passions of the liberty groups along with business owners to bring specific legislative and regulatory changes that will make Kentucky more prosperous than it has ever been,” Moffett said. “As president and CEO of the Bluegrass Institute, I look forward to building and managing this unique and powerful alliance. Our effort will lead to increased opportunity and prosperity in the Bluegrass State.”

Moffett follows Bowling Green entrepreneur Chris Derry, who founded the institute, and Lexington businessman Rick Loghry to become the institute’s third president and CEO.

A press conference making the announcement official is planned for Monday, Aug. 1, at 10 a.m. (EDT) at Jefferson Square at Sixth and Jefferson streets in downtown Louisville. Moffett will be available for interviews prior to the press conference for reporters willing to hold them until after the event. For interviews, call (502) 599-2800.

Note: You may read the rest of the press release after the jump.

Yes, I’ll honor embargoes for people who aren’t teabaggers. That includes tea partiers, of which Phil Moffett and bigot-supporting Jim Waters are not.

How hilarious is that?

Can’t. Breathe. From. Laughter.



Moffett confirmed a report that first appeared on a Louisville blog Tuesday, however, he would not comment for this story, citing an August 1 embargo. He then referred to blogger Jake Payne, who runs the site PageOneKentucky, as “Jake ‘The’ Pain”, for posting the information contained in the press release.

Couple points: It’s not a “Louisville” blog and it’s Jacob, not Jake– unless you’re a personal friend.

ORIGINAL UPDATE — Just in case you’re wondering why we think it’s hilarious for teabagger Phil Moffett to head any sort of “think tank”? Here you go:

Peep the rest of the hilarious release after the jump…

Derry incorporated the institute on May 29, 2003, and remains active on the institute’s board of directors.

“The Bluegrass Institute’s past has been one of steady progress and increasing influence in the Kentucky political landscape,” said Kathy Gornik, chairman of the institute’s board of directors. “With the strong foundation of a truly exceptional and experienced staff, the institute is about to take a leap into a more dynamic and results-driven future on behalf of liberty and limited government in Kentucky. Watch out, Kentucky! Here we come!”

Moffett, who previously served as a member of the institute’s board of directors, pledged to build upon the institute’s commitment to offering free-market solutions to Kentucky’s greatest challenges.

“As the commonwealth’s only free-market think tank, the Bluegrass Institute has a strong and productive history of bringing significant changes to Kentucky policies,” Moffett said. “This has resulted in increased transparency to state and local governments, greater public knowledge of public school performance and the promotion of parental choice and public charter schools and clear insight into Kentucky’s unsustainable Medicaid spending.”

He is co-founder of School CHOICE Scholarships, Kentucky’s only privately funded school choice program, which has provided more than 3,600 scholarships since its inception in 1998. When students enter the School CHOICE program, 40 percent can read at grade level. After three years in the program, 96 percent can read at or above grade level.

Moffett also is co-founder of CCS Partners LLC, which provides outsourced management services related to cellular devices to Fortune 1000 companies.

A 1980 graduate of DeSales High School and a graduate of the University of Kentucky (B.S. in finance), Moffett and his wife Christi have four adopted children.