KC Crosbie’s “Women For Crosbie” Non-Starter

Look, I really like KC Crosbie and think she’d be a solid treasurer – way better than Little Todd.

I just think she’s got an inability to you-know-what in the pot.

Take a look at her list of “Women For Crosbie” folks:

Chair: Elaine Chao

Honorary Chair: Kelley Paul

Honorable Cathy Bailey,Honorable Kelly Knight, Honorable Ellen Williams, Former First Lady Glenna Fletcher, Honorable Robyn Williams, Senate Pro Tem Katie Stine, Senator Julie Denton, Senator Alice Forgy Kerr, Representative Julie Raque Adams, Representative Alecia Webb-Edgington, Representative Sarah Beth Gregory, Representative Kim King, Representative Donna Mayfield, Representative Addia Wuchner, Representative Jill York, Barren County Judge Executive Davie Greer, Susan Baker, Nelda Barton-Collings, Carol Barr, Jennifer Bates, Cathy Bell, Mikki Harris Bland, Mary Lou Blount, Wilma Brandes, DeAnna Brangers, Linda Brown, Caroline Cash, Joanie Cox, Renee Craddock, Sherri Craig, Brenda Craig, Regina Crawford, Donna Davidson, Jennifer Decker, Brittany Dowell, Barb Ellerbrook, Bobbie Floyd, Nancy Grayson, Beverly Griffith, Adrienne Grizzell, Meredith Haney, Heather Harris, Rose Harris, Paula Harshaw, Julie Hinson, Judi Hughes, Valerie Kane, Angela Leet, Hilda Legg, Alicia Lewis, Christy Lewis, Gale Lively, Cynthia Matthews, Shellie May, Cindy McCarthy, Sandra McLaughlin, Ann Melton, Robin Mercer, Faith Mercke, Laura Miller, Libby Milligan, Nan Milliman, Betty Moberly, Cara Morris, Karen Mundy, Monteia Mundy, Bonnie Ogle, Lori Osborne, Laura Owens, Shannon P’Pool, April Preece, Tula Prewitt, Shannon Rickett, Carol Rogers, Cathy Rupp, Gail Russell, Afsi Siahkoohi, Mary Singleton, Maria Smith, Kathy Stocks, Judith Taylor, Susan Tucker, Holly Harris VonLuehrte, Kristin Webb, Kim Wells, Amy Wickliffe, Martie Wiles, Nelle Williams, Tami Wilson

Note the serious lack of, you know, Democrats? That’s hardly showing leadership in a general election. It’s showing extreme partisanship – teabagger partisanship, no less. And it’s why her political career will be ruined if she loses to Todd Hollenbach.