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“Explosive” Turned Out To Be A Mere Crop Duster

April 12th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Sweat monster Daniel Logsdon held a press conference today to offer this “explosive” information (that’s already been in the mainstream for a week?):

At a press conference held at Kentucky Democratic Party (KDP) headquarters, KDP Chairman Dan Logsdon today called on Moffett and Williams to open up their personal financial information. Kentuckians have a vested interest in understanding the finances of their potential leader, Logsdon noted, and called on Sen. Williams to release his tax information since he was first elected Senate Majority Leader and Moffett to release his information from the previous year.

“Kentuckians deserve to know what if any financial interests and conflicts a candidate may have,” said Chairman Logsdon. “I call on both candidates to release their tax returns, as Gov. Beshear has every year, to answer lingering questions about their finances.”


“David Williams was right to say that a candidate’s refusal to release tax information raises questions about their fitness for office – and it’s as true today as when he said it years ago,” said Logsdon. “I think he’ll find that he hit it on the money in 1991. Failing to come clean with Kentucky about your financial past is no way to get elected Governor. So come on Senator Williams, do the right thing.”

Conveniently ignoring that Beshear first refused to release his own tax documents, setting the precedent himself. Stupid of the Williams-Farmer campaign to ignore that.

Here’s what the Williams-Farmer campaign released in response:

“Steve Beshear’s grinder monkey promised ‘explosive’ details today but he missed the mark. Let me help him out. Unemployment when Steve Beshear took office was in the 5% range, Kentucky’s bond rating was good and the budget wasn’t a complete mess. Today, unemployment is over 10% and our state’s bond rating has been downgraded thanks to Beshear’s vetoing legislative mandates to stop spending money we don’t have. The only thing exploding is the number of people who can’t find a job, and the number of people who realize Steve Beshear is indifferent or incompetent when it comes to doing anything about it.

“Logsdon said in his release that ‘Kentuckians deserve to know what if any financial interests and conflicts a candidate may have.’ Let me educate Mr. Logsdon on the financial disclosure forms filed by legislators and candidates for governor in Kentucky. No other gubernatorial candidate in Kentucky history has such an extensive public disclosure of his personal financial history as David Williams. David has been filing financial disclosure forms with the legislative branch ethics commission since 1993, and this year filed an additional form with the executive branch ethics commission as a candidate. These forms outline financial interests, income, property holdings, gifts, business dealings, investments, and debts. All of this information is fully available to the public and press and we encourage anyone to obtain and review it.

“Today’s sad, pathetic press conference is an admission that Beshear has no agenda other than to distract from his own miserable record. Kentuckians have to decide whether Steve Beshear has done anything to make Kentucky a better place for job creation. From the budget mess, to his failure to address tax reform, to his lack of understanding about how to compete in a global economy, we are left to conclude that he is in over his head when it comes to creating opportunity for Kentucky families and businesses.”

While disingenuous to blame unemployment on Steve Beshear, it’s certainly true that Beshear has no record of accomplishment and he’s attempting to distract the already disinterested public.

David Williams needs to release his tax returns. Phil Moffett needs to release his. Steve Beshear needs to stop publicly obstructing a discussion about comprehensive tax reform. And Kentucky needs to stop getting effed in the you-know-what by this lot of shysters in Frankfort.

Though, we fully agree that if there is information about the Williams’ minor children in their tax returns, that information should be considered confidential.

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    “grinder monkey”???