Only Frankfort Could Love The Bullying Problem

Why is it so damn hard for political appointees and legislators to act ethically? Haha, well, maybe because they have zero regard for the jobs they’ve been given or elected to do. [Ralph Long]

Are we in the midst of an historical watershed moment for marriage quality? Trying not to hold my breath. [David Mixner]

You know it chaps Steve Beshear’s rear end when eight of his nominees get rejected by the State Senate. Particularly when they’re rejected in a manner that allows the Senate to say it has nothing to do with politics. Interesting to see Beshear tried to appoint Larry O’Bryan to YET ANOTHER board or commission, though, as we’re not sure how he has time for the other 40 he currently serves on. [H-L]

ConnectKentucky will honor the Commonwealth’s technology leaders at its 2011 Tech Day in late April. If you make nominations, you’ll get to submit them to René True. [Click the Clicky]

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama get it. They know bullying is jacked up. Such a shame that Frankfort mouth-breathers have to freak their shiz over not allowing little gay kids to get the eff beat out of them. [White House]

Despite what Greg Stumbo tells the press, his fellow Democrats tell me he refuses to work with the Senate behind the scenes. While David Williams and his buddies are being RIDICULOUS over this budget, we can’t sit around pretending Greg isn’t having his own circle jerk. [WFPL]

We can’t decide if these patent system changes are a good thing or a bad thing. What are your thoughts, business-types? [NY Times]

The Kentucky League of Cities has hired Debra Gabbard as its chief financial officer. Gabbard’s been with the Legislative Research Commision since 2007 as deputy budget director. [H-L]

This is one of those moments my mind is blown. Jerry Abramson went to Cadiz. [Cadiz Record]

Ole Dirty Judy, the scourge of the Louisville Metro Council, hid another roadblock today when Council President Jim King called for another item to be added to her ethics hearing/investigation. [The ‘Ville Voice]

You can’t tell crazy to stop being crazy. Particularly when it comes to Pat Boone-esque anti-Muslim conspiracy nuts. [Wonkette]

The White House has reaffirmed its commitment to funding National Public Radio and Public Broadcasting. Mouth-breathers everywhere are losing their shiz. [HuffPo]