Elaine Walker Is Shaking Up The SoS Race

I hear through the grapevine that Elaine Walker is shaking things up in the race to be the Democratic nominee for Secretary of State.

Word on the street is Larry O’Bryan and Kim Geveden have been hired on as consultants/strategists.

Like them or not, their take-no-prisoners style and contacts throughout the state is going to give Alison Grimes’ campaign a run for its money. These hires open up doors the standard crew behind Steve Beshear are unable to access on their own. And it now draws a line in the sand for Democratic primary voters. Primarily because this means labor, educational groups and such are likely to trend Walker’s way.

To me, this says that Walker plans to take the media and messaging very seriously. If the races O’Bryan and Geveden have worked in the last few cycles are any indication, that’s gonna be tough to battle. Walker definitely won’t be able to compete with Grimes’ financial prowess but this says to me that she’s most certainly beginning to listen to folks outside the Beshear world.

Can’t wait for this race to heat up.