It’s Just Not A Terrific Morning For Kentucky

Really, Eastern Kentucky? We can’t go a week without some corrupt official giving $500,000 to his ladyfriend or whatever? Really? [H-L]

If you are someone who does not hate the gays… please consider sending the latest fairness survey results to your legislators. [KFA]

Mitch McConnell says stimulus funds have become a national punch line. So it’s interesting that he’s personally benefited from said stimulus like woah. [The Hill]

A damn optometry bill went to Steve Beshear. You know what should be going to him? The elder abuse bill that the senate is apparently suddenly afraid of. [WFPL]

Daniel Mongiardo is taking the fight over Florida pill mills national. And he’s a great spokesman. [WSJ]

Is it just me or does Elaine Walker’s campaign to maintain her appointed office seem a little sad? [BGDN]

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth will hold a rally on the 24th to push the State Senate to support the restoration of felon voting rights. The House passed it, but will the Senate? The Senate wants to kill elder abuse legislation because some believe you shouldn’t be penalized for abusing a loved one and kept from inheriting their money. So this is a no-brainer, right? [KFTC]

You know what’s sad? Like full-on schadenfreude? Phil Moffett visited a campaign supporter at his home – because that’s all the buzz he could generate in Leitchfield. [Grayson Record]

Once upon a time Zap! was swindling Kentucky and Steve Beshear was acting as if the company was the second coming. Now they’re partnering up with the Chinese government and folks here in the states are ignoring that they’ve had business opportunities galore in the USA. [Solar Feeds]

Congressman Geoff Davis takes a look at Washington’s job-crushing spending spree in his weekly column. We can all agree that we’ve gotta find a compromise to stop flushing mountains of cash down the drain. [Congressman Davis]

Trey Grayson was selected to serve on the board of the National Institute for Civil Discourse at the University of Arizona with Madeleine Albright and Greta Van Sustren (aka Greta Van Facelift). Presidents Bush & Clinton serve as honorary chairs. Former SCOTUS Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Tom Daschle serve as honorary co-chairs. [WaPo]

The Transforming Education in Kentucky task force presented a whole bunch of recommendations yesterday. Go read about it so I don’t have to write about it. Still only at about 15% this week. [Press Release]

Yesterday Todd P’Pool sent out some campaign press release about doing actual state job of prosecuting a child pornographer. Then his campaign guy followed up with another email about abortion. Please try for a little more separation between official duties and campaign activity. Nope, not illegal, just the appearance is unsettling. [If Jack Runs An Actual Campaign, He’ll Win]