You Can Still Open-Carry In Kentucky’s Capitol

I’ve been yelling about this for quite a while:

Welcome to Kentucky. The land (one of only two states! godforsaken Texas is the other) where legislators just cold don’t care if you’re carrying a gun inside legislative chambers. It’s like they literally want to get shot in the face, for fun, just because. And we’re not talking pearls, here, gays.

Why is it house leadership is so afraid of the NRA that they cower on this? You can totally support guns – I had a goddamn NRA sticker on my truck in high school – and not want to get shot in the legislative chambers.

It can even be argued that allowing guns inside the capitol costs the Commonwealth more than keeping them out. Because the KSP assigns a trooper to shadow every person who enters with a gun. Taking a trooper away from protecting others – eating both that salary and the man hours required. Wasting time. Wasting money. Endangering lives.

And, yes, we already have metal detectors.

Stop this horse shiz before someone gets killed by some jacktard who is pissed that some fat coal legislator allegedly had an out-of-wedlock child with someone who isn’t his wife.

Completely and utterly screwed up.

It’s ridiculous that you can openly carry a gun inside legislative chambers in Frankfort.

Thank goodness people like Mary Lou Marzian (Hey, Meemaw Marzian, thanks for hollering about this) are stepping up to try to stop this crap:

A Louisville lawmaker wants parents to sign a permission slip acknowledging that they know that people carry guns at the Capitol before sending their children to Frankfort.

Rep. Mary Lou Marzian, D-Louisville, said this week that she plans to file a bill that would require parents to sign a form acknowledging that they are aware that people in the Capitol are armed. Marzian said that she realizes that the bill and other bills that she plans to file that would limit who can carry a weapon in the Capitol “doesn’t have a snow balls chance in hell of passing,” Marzian said.


Marzian said she felt that parents should at least be aware of the Capitol’s guns rules. Under state law, visitors to the Capitol may openly carry guns and lawmakers can carry a hidden gun if they have a concealed weapons permit.

It’s shameful that both Greg Stumbo and David Williams were afraid to speak to the press about this matter. Unbelievably ignorant on their part(s) not to stand up to end this ridiculous practice in the wake of what went down in Tucson over the weekend.

David and Greg don’t have to respect their colleagues – but do they want them to DIE? Is that what they want?

Jesus H.