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Your Cold, Sleepy Snow Day Wrap-Up Post

December 13th, 2010 · 1 Comment

You a child of the 80s? Neverending Story at the Lexington Children’s Theatre will float your boat. Good way to introduce your hellrat children to a terrific story from your childhood. [H-L]

It is sad that Michael Steele might not run for the Republican National Committee chairmanship. Mike Duncan won’t be nearly as entertaining. [NY Times]

Oh, there’s hope after all! He may be running again! [HuffPo]

Even *I* think Rand Paul’s win over Jack Conway was one of the top ten political moments of 2010. It didn’t make the Washington Post list, though. [WaPo]

The Public Service Commission says a split of the 270 area code in Western Kentucky isn’t needed at this time. So the new 364 area code won’t be happening. [Press Release]

What are your redistricting predictions for Kentucky? Thoughts? Hopes? [Amanda Van Benschoten]

Those of you with older loved ones and family members, take note: good cholesterol has been linked to a reduced risk for Alzheimer’s Disease. [Bloomberg]

Wanna help a child? Here’s your chance to give back this year. [Family & Children's Place]

The Kentucky Horse Park wants a hotel on its grounds. Does it need it? [H-L]

If you live in Northern Kentucky, you’re woah more familiar with orange man John Boehner than the rest of the state. And you’re way more familiar with his self-tanner addiction. [Wonkette]

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  • 1 wondering // Dec 13, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    If you are talking about Congressional redistricting, they really need to make some sense out of the 1st District. Anyone with a long memory knows why it was drawn the way it was: to get Owensboro and Bowling Green in the same district so Don Blandford could take Bill Natcher’s place when he finally retired or croaked. Boptrot and Ron Lewis got in the way of those grand plans. It’s utter lunacy to have the 1st District stretch all the way from the Mississippi River to Appalachia and a good chunk of the Old 5th. Put Owensboro in the 1st with Paducah (it probably has more in common socioeconomically and politically with the downriver counties than it does with Bowling Green, let the 2nd take more of the south-central and Knobs counties that it should have. I’d even be in favor of moving the west side of Louisville into the 2nd and the East End into the 3rd.

    On the state level, I just wonder if there are any legislators the leaders want to gerrymander out of a seat? It’s happened before; the Democrats have even gerrymandered one of their own out of a position and into a majority R district because they thought he was an utter fool. Paul Patton gave him some solace (and a better retirement) by finding a state merit job for him in his home county. Then the very next chance they got, they put his home county back into a solidly safe seat for the D candidate.