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Gays Are In Yer Military Redecorating Everything

November 30th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Northern Kentucky is freaking out over a potential new smoking ban. The same shiz people in Louisville spewed when the state’s largest city took the move for better health. All that freak out? Completely unnecessary. [H-L]

John Boehner is huddling with some fancy Republican governors and Mitch McConnell. [WaPo]

Jeebus is coming to I-75. Or some big Jeebus dineysore theme park monstrosity is coming, anyway. [B&P]

Here’s hoping WikiLeaks has all kinds of shiz to shake up the corruption on Wall Street. [Forbes]

PEE ALERT: Daniel Solzman seriously considered running for office in 2012. He’s decided against it. [Solzy]

Yup, there should be greater scrutiny of nursing home deaths. That seems like common sense for most. [Bluegrass Politics]

But we also need to protect the elderly and those who can’t help themselves. Family members, loved ones, hospice organizations. They can all be worse than rogue nursing home staffers. [Page One]

Health insurance reform doesn’t do much to help the average citizen. But it does a lot to enrich the already enriched insurance industry. Which you already knew. [FatLip]

Remember Mark Foley? The middle-aged pervert former U.S. Congressman who had internet sexytime with underage pages or whatever? He thinks he’s running for mayor of West Palm Beach. Wonder what Mandy Connell thinks of that hot mess? [Wonkette]

SHOCKER! The Pentagon says gays could serve in the military with no harm. Can you believe that? Gays? In the military? Imagine that. [HuffPo]

Are Democrats near extinction in the south? That certainly seems to be the case with the Kentucky Democratic Party. [Politico]

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  • 1 James R. // Nov 30, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    Its time all employers drop health insurance from their employees and just pay them more in salary.
    Then everyone would be up in arms when they found out how the health insurance system works for those of us who are self employed.
    But too many people who get health insurance thru work are too damn selfish to care.
    I sure do not wanna hear anyone crying about their unemployment benefits running out.