Joe Gerth's The Funniest Newspaper Man In KY

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times. Joe Gerth is the funniest newspaper man in Kentucky.

During last night’s WHAS11 3rd District Congressional debate at the University of Louisville, Gerth asked Todd Lally what he meant by “openly gay behavior” when discussing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Here’s what went down:

Isn’t it interesting that Lally didn’t answer the question? As John Yarmuth adequately pointed out, Lally’s “gay behavior” myth is just that.

You should be sure to watch the entire hour-long debate if you get the opportunity. Joe Arnold tells me the footage will soon be archived on WHAS11’s website. I particularly enjoyed the two times Lally brought up “poles.”

Second-favorite? When Lally said that corporations are people. Specifically, “I think public financing of elections is where, once you have hit socialism, that’s when you have public financing for elections. I find that to be an extreme position. Um, corporations are just entities made up of people. Corporations are people. They are not some, some nameless organization. These are people. They have a first amendment right. And the Supreme Court said that they should have it and I agree with the Supreme Court.”