Don't Let Your Kids Out Of The Basement Cage

Two Kentuckians have been named Fall 2010 White House interns: Julie Crocker of Franklin (attending Centre College) and Brian Highsmith of Louisville (attending Furman University). Their internships run September 7 through December 17. [Press Release]

Maybe it’s me, but I think it’s hilarious watching Trey Grayson pretend to support Rand Paul. [Ronnie Ellis]

Looks like Gatewood is gonna represent Mike Lewis in court next week. [Marion County Line]

A couple was shot to death at a Pike County grocery story. Sad news for Eastern Kentucky. [H-L]

This may be America’s education moment. But will Kentucky realize it? Louisville? Will we just ignore it and try to sugar coat everything? [HuffPo]

Alice Forgy Kerr is losing to Don Blevins. That’s what this CN|2 poll says. [Ryan Alessi]

Does my stance on gay marriage hurt your precious christian ears or whatever? Eff your feelings. Really. [Dan Savage]

Former Labor Secretary and lady wife of Mitch McConnell, Elaine Chao, is gonna speak at some luncheon held by Louisville Republicans on October 11 at noon. Crowne Plaza. $100. [Email Blast]

Not all the teabagger/Paulbots hate the gays. See for yourself. [Click the Clicky]

You know, some people shouldn’t let their children out of the cage in the basement. And if they do, they need to use those kiddie leashes. [B&P]

Ray Dowd, an assistant dean in the University of Kentucky College of Social Work, was charged with criminal trespassing. [H-L]

If you’re not following the Louisville mayoral race, you should be. There’s a Republican pulling progressive support (but he’s borderline afraid of the gays), an independent who rides bikes and talks about how bad the other candidates are and a Democrat named Greg Fischer who is repeating his 2008 U.S. Senate primary campaign on a local level. Like this “transparency” schtick, it’s all a hot mess. [The ‘Ville Voice]