Happy Weekend. Be Thankful For Your Loved Ones.

Earlier this evening, Governor Steve Beshear vetoed some stuff. You’ll want to read the details. [HB 1 & HB 3]

Check out this great profile of former Governor Martha Layne Collins. [Tony McVeigh]

Everybody forgot about Fairdale Bigfoot this week because of Memorial Day. So he just cold stole all of your barbecue and cheap beer. [Consuming Louisville]

Orrin Hatch says the only religion gays have is politics. And you know how the gays are. [HuffPo]

HAHAHA! That former stripper/pole dancer-turned-political-expert has discovered the thesaurus! Can’t breathe from laughing. [Pole Dancer/Stripper]

Bill Bissett, the president of the Kentucky Coal Association, has written a lengthy piece for a newspaper in West Virginia. Interesting how these folks always spin and deflect instead of actually addressing problems caused by the industry. If they’d maybe do the right thing? Maybe we could all work together. [WV State Journal]

The “raghead” jokester in South Carolina is so fancy and sophisticated. Did you know there’s a “raghead” in the White House? PROTECT YOUR WHITE WOMEN! [Wonkette]

Larry O’Bryan was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Employers’ Mutual Insurance Authority, serving until December 31, 2013. [Press Release]

Who bankrolls the U.S. Congress? It’s coming next week. [Public Integrity]

Jack Conway and Rand Paul are fighting like two old ladies at Kroger on the first Wednesday of the month. [Joe Arnold]

The State Board of Elections Meeting and Primary Vote Certification will take place on Monday at 1:00 P.M. [Press Release]

Rand Paul as the Mad Hatter of the teabaggers. It’s pretty scary. [MSNBC]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests: Bill Estep, Nancy Rodriguez and Greg Stotelmyer. [Press Release]