The Big Rand Paul Civil Rights Round-Up

Okay, yesterday was a little crazy. Let’s just get right down to it.

Rand Paul’s campaign manager, David Adams, tossed aside national concerns about Paul’s stance on supporting a business or individual’s right to discriminate on the basis of race as liberal blog fodder.

In an attempt to do damage control, right-leaning Rasmussen released polling data collected before Paul’s appearance on Rachel Maddow showing him with a massive lead against Jack Conway.

Then Rand Paul started attacking us as the “loony left.” Jack Conway stirred to life. John Yarmuth released a powerful statement.

By early afternoon both Jim DeMint and Mitch McConnell were in damage control mode. DeMint went so far as to say he planned on having a conversation with Paul about his statements.

Then comes late afternoon. I uncovered a 2002 letter to the editor written by Rand Paul that proved he’d long been on the record in support of the right of individuals and businesses to openly discriminate against people – and violate their basic human rights.

More than 100 national and international media outlets jumped on board, linking us left and right. The story was exploding. Joe Sonka appeared on the Ed Schultz radio show to discuss the mess he uncovered just prior to election day:

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine appeared on The Ed Schultz Show (television) to discuss the letter I uncovered. Keith Olbermann emailed me, I nearly had a coronary, then he mentioned us on his show:

Then Ron Paul came to his lesser known son’s defense. I won’t harp on him too much, except to remind you that he and his son may have something to explain. Remember, it’s Ron Paul himself who says that anything less than full disclosure is unacceptable.

He failed to disclose ownership of Alchemy, LLC during 2006 (Warning: External PDF Link) and during 2008 (Warning: External PDF Link). His failure to file appropriate disclosures is as bad as the Charlie Rangel mess. Especially since they both serve on the House Ways & Means Committee. It’s interesting that Paul seems to have the same problem and voted for Rangel to retain his gavel.

And to update my original story, it appears that payback of the family loan is reported as personal debt by Rand but not reported as personal by Ron or Ronnie. The terms and current balance, as reported by Rand, match almost to the penny of the annual gift tax exclusion. Which brings other big questions: was that an estate tax dodge by Rand’s in-laws through a complex process to avoid gift taxes at best? At worst, a possible illegal gift of real estate to a sitting congressman in an amount well in excess of the annual statutory limit? Was this loan real or just a sham note? Lots of explaining to do.

Finally, the Democratic National Committee released a recap video of the scandalous news cycle:

And that was that. The entire world exploded. And what Liberty Christ himself said was a loony left issue? Turned into Civil Rights Egg egg all over his face. Which was most apparent during his appearance on Good Morning America this A.M.:

“Honeymoon period”?? This is about what makes us a civil society and Rand Paul wants to crack jokes. There you have it. No, he’s not working to repeal the Civil Rights Act. But he’s still trying to explain his views that individuals and businesses should be able to discriminate. He said it in 2002. He said it in 2010. There’s no changing that.

Peep some of the national press: Washington Post, More Washington Post, Political Wire, MyDD, CNN, Politico, The Nation, Daily Kos, The Hill, Talking Points Memo, Courier-Journal, Memorandum, Little Green Footballs, Washington Monthly, Yahoo! News, Political Inaction, Tagg Lines, Jed Report, Reid Report, Stinque, & Ethiopian Review. Thanks for letting me pump up my own ego for a minute and for this re-hash of the news.

Oh, Daniel Mongiardo’s pals have decided it’s a good idea to endorse/support Rand Paul.

(No, Jack Conway didn’t make any national television appearances last night and waited until 20 hours into the mess to capitalize on the fundraising front. Not hating, just saying.)