Tuesday Evening Dept of Too Little, Too Late

The editorial board took it upon itself to complain about outrageous mandatory meal plan fees at the University of Louisville after it’s likely too late. But no one can deny it’s nice to see the ed board finally speak to the secrecy and corruption of Jim Ramsey and his slush fund buddies. [C-J]

LG&E/KU/E.ON have a fancy new online outage map. May not be entirely helpful to you if you’re, you know, without power. [Click the Clicky]

Jack Conway isn’t going to tolerate wasting the state’s money on behalf of some teabagging Republicans in Frankfort. Read the letter he sent earlier today. [Click Here – PDF Link]

Speaking of Conway, he’s got another fancy television commercial. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Remember how terrible Greg Fischer’s failed campaign was in 2008? Apparently, his bid for mayor in Louisville is a total repeat of those shenanigans. Not much has changed. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Here’s an in-depth analysis of Kentucky’s Race to the Top scores and what the state can do in the future to potentially secure funds. [Toni Konz]

Is the United States courting another Oklahoma City? [Cliff Schecter]

Brain fried by Frankfort? This article will help take your mind off of everything. ‘Grrrr’ means many things in dog speak. [Live Science]

Earlier today State Auditor Crit Luallen revealed the second half of the State Government audit. I’m pretty sure you won’t like the findings. [More Page One]