Todd Eklof Releases An Interesting New Book

Take note, religious types (and all gays everywhere), cause Todd Ekloff has released a book that is nothing short of intriguing.

It’s called A Gospel for Liberals: Considering the historical Jesus in light of today’s most controversial social issues.

Remember Todd? He’s the heterosexual guy fired by Kentucky Farm Bureau because he didn’t hate the gays.Here’s a refresher:

Todd says his book “explores the life and teachings of Jesus in context with the social, political, and economic circumstances of his day, leaving us with a convincing portrayal of him as a progressive activist who was eventually executed for this very reason. It’s a refreshing and brazen exegesis of the liberating truths of the historical Jesus.”

If you aren’t yet interested in checking it out? Get a load of the chapter titles:

  • Jesus was a Man
  • Jesus was Political
  • Jesus was a Situation Ethicist
  • Jesus was Pro-Choice
  • Jesus was Pro-Life
  • Jesus was a Draft Dodger
  • Jesus was Civilly Disobedient
  • Jesus was a Member of the Liberal Media
  • Jesus was a Universal Healthcare Provider
  • Jesus was a Communist
  • Jesus was an Environmentalist
  • Jesus was a Person for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  • Jesus was a Feminist
  • Jesus was a Gay Rights Activist
  • Introduction to the Gospel According to Todd
  • The Gospel According to Todd

It’s available here & at Amazon or at your local book seller.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to ruffle some Southern Baptist feathers in 3, 2…