Mitch Just Does Not Care to Address Anything

Got enough fear in ya? Everybody is afraid that an x-ray of their catfish is going to make it on the internet for the entire world to see. Newsflash: it’s not porn if there’s no visible skin. Also, it’s apparently okay to post nude photos from Abu Graib on the internets. [Marcus Carey]

Amanda’s Bill passed the House today and headed into the Senate. [Press Release]

Spineless Mitch McConnell has declined to criticize spineless Harry Reid because he is also a latent (not latent?) racist. [Politico]

And now he’s avoided any assessment of Michael Steele. [Politico]

Jonathan Meador wrote a thingy about Midway College of Pharmacy opening up shop in Eastern Kentucky and didn’t crack any pillhead jokes. [FatLip]

What do you think about Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry? Somebody wants to know. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Leonard Lawson’s attorney says the feds were out to get him. [Tom Loftus]

Hahaha. Mitch McConnell has said a brave “the fuck I care” to his friends, Some Republicans, over Harry Reid. [Wonkette]

Trey Grayson is having some weird internet video sex orgy on Thursday. Are you going to take part? If anybody plans to suffer through this political thingy, please let us know what goes down. [Just Wondering]

The NRSC asked Lt. Dan and Jack Conway whether or not they’d support Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader. But the organization apparently doesn’t find it ironic that its own king, Mitch McConnell, is a-okay with Harry’s racist ways. [NRSC]