Kathy Groob’s Threatening Her Critics Again

Okay, dudes, what the crap is with Kathy Groob?

She had her attorney send a letter to HinesSight & Russell Street News demanding that the site’s owner remove the hilarious Democrat Dominatrix photograph. An image clearly Photoshopped for the purposes of parody and humor.

Let’s take a look at the text of the letter:

Dear Mr. Hines,

I have been retained by Kathy Groob to request that you cease and desist from publishing defamatory print and pictures of her on your Russell Street News website.

First, this website is not a News site. It appears to be an opinionated commentary by one person who resides on Russell Street in Covington, Kentucky. The statements that have been made and “photo-shopped” pictures concerning Kathy Groob are false statements, intended by you, to harm her reputation. It is believed that not only are they negligent, but made with actual malice.

Secondly, if you do not stop publishing, via the internet, this defamatory content and remove the archived stories and photographs of Ms. Groob, I will be forced to bring a legal action against you.

Please guide yourself accordingly.


Margo L. Grubbs

Why, yes, we will all take this opportunity to talk about something that like five people saw before you threatened to sue. Smooth move, ex lax. No wonder her candidates never win. It’s cause her strategy is, you know, just like this.

Hahaha. Cannot. Breathe.

What a shame to learn Kathy has zero sense of humor. In my opinion, she’s just one of the bitters who can’t deal with accomplishing jack shiz politically in her old age. She’s one, giant hypocrite.

Remember when I outed her ass as Lemonysnip/Kate Hudson for a bazillion different things? Attacking Democrats for doing exactly what she did. Attacking Bruce Lunsford. Attacking poor Otis Hensley. Attacking Greg Stumbo. Attacking Barack Obama.

Or when she and Jennifer Moore spent Kentucky Democratic Party dollars on anti-abortion mail pieces?

Maybe the time she melted down because I had the gall to criticize her for being a fake Democrat?

I mean, really, threatening to sue the dickens out of this guy for daring to write about a very public figure and former candidate for public office? Really?

Can’t wait to get my hands on the video footage of her chasing cars down her street, on foot, because she thinks they’re driving too fast.

Pat Crowley certainly was correct about Kathy. Thin-skinned like woah.

Dear Kathy: You, yourself, have attacked people on the internet. You continually run for public office and maintain a highly visible public profile. And you think a discussion of facts relating to you – along with the occasional parody or cartoon – won’t be fair game?

Hahahaha. God. This woman. She’s pure entertainment.