Louisville Mayoral Campaign Finance Highlights

Candidates running to be the next mayor of Louisville have filed their campaign finance reports with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. So lets take a look at some highlights.

Greg Fischer:

  • $136,345 raised by check, $77,500 additional contributions
  • $70,337.13 (!!) in disbursements
  • $6,450 in unitemized (under $100) contributions from 103 people
  • $30,000 in debts/obligations – Greg Fischer’s personal contributions
  • Notable donors include: Christy Brown ($1,000), Owsley Brown ($1,000), Todd Blue ($1,000), David Jones, Jr. ($1,000), David Jones ($1,000), Emily Bingham ($1,000), Creighton Mershon ($500), Swift Boat Vets for Truth funder James Patterson ($1,000), Matt & Fran Thornton ($1,000 each), Jude Thompson ($1,000), Sonny Bass ($500), Elizabethtown Mayor David Willmoth ($1,000), Bill Yarmuth ($1,000)
  • Interesting expenditures: $4,000 to Research Endeavors for Polling Research (Jeff Noble), $5,500 to Tanner Political Consulting (Lisa Tanner), $1,000 to Main Street Communications for Polling Research, $32,100 to Cooper Secrest for actual polling.

Somebody on the Fischer campaign needs to get their ducks in a row. Can’t even begin to tell you how many campaign finance violations there are with this report. Listing individuals’ names as “OTHER” is an absolutely amateur mistake to make. Maybe something as basic as, you know, proofreading something as important as your quarterly report would be a good idea?

Peep the rest from Jim King, David Tandy, Hal Heier and Tyler Allen after the jump…

Jim King:

  • $203,850 raised by check, $1,000 additional contributions
  • $9,454.89 in disbursements
  • $4,595 in unitemized contributions from 54 people
  • Looks like King has only contributed about $11K of his own money
  • Notable donors: Bob Babbage ($1,000), Denise Bentley ($1,000), Jonathan Blue ($1,000), Junior Bridgeman ($500), Michael Calobrace ($1,000), Kevin Cogan ($1,000), Tim Coury of Porcini ($1,000), John Cox ($500), Scott Cox ($1,000), Sherman Henderson ($1,000), Dan Jones ($1,000), David Jones ($1,000), Creighton Mershon ($500), J. Bruce Miller ($1,000), Tony Miller ($1,000), Larry O’Bryan ($1,000), Joe Pusateri ($1,000), Mark Riddle ($1,000), T Samuels ($500 – Maker’s Mark), Sheryl Snyder ($1,000), Patricia Swope ($1,000), Steve Trager ($1,000), Larry Zielke ($1,000)
  • No itemized disbursements

I’ve tried hard to find something to pick at on King’s finance report. There are few misspellings and almost zero missing information. So somebody proofreads. But it’d serve the public well if King’s campaign would use full names instead of initials when it comes to prominent donors. Transparency will be key in the next administration and it’d be a good idea for King to embrace it.

David Tandy:

  • $64,080 raised by check, no other contributions
  • $2,200 in unitemized contributions from 26 people
  • $3,692.79 in disbursements
  • $1,440.66 in debts and obligations, mostly for printing and telephone service
  • Notable donors: Bob Babbage ($1,000), Rao Bhatraju ($500), Dan Borsch ($250), Joe Borsch ($1,000), Jim & Anita Cauley ($1,000 each), Bob Gunnell ($1,000), Michael & Audrey Haynes ($1,000 each), Rob Haynes ($1,000), Devone Holt ($500), Eleanor Jordan ($250), Bill May ($1,000), Jennifer Moore ($1,000), Tim Mulloy ($1,000), Tom Musselman ($1,000), Nathan Smith ($1,000), Aaron Yarmuth ($1,000)
  • No itemized disbursements
  • Senator Gerald Neal’s fundraiser brought in $10,975 for Tandy

Hal Heiner:

  • $62,095 raised by check, $7,000 in other contributions
  • Zero unitemized contributions
  • $1,000 from PACs
  • $11,497.63 in disbursements
  • Heiner has contributed $8,500 of his own funds
  • Notable donors: Tim Moseley ($100 – Wayside Christian Mission), Jeff Boone ($1,000), James Headlee ($1,000), Carla Blanton ($250), Bill Tafel ($500), Anne Northup ($1,000), Greg Scheller ($1,000), Jack Underwood ($100), Paul Tran ($1,000), Rebecca Jackson ($500), GAP Ohio PAC ($1,000)
  • Notable disbursements: $1,541.75 to the Stoneridge Group in Georgia for stickers and signage (what is it with Republicans who can’t buy local?), $300 to Tumbleweed for his announcement, $140 to Kentuckiana Law Enforcement for announcement traffic control, $7,500 back to himself for money he loaned the campaign

Tyler Allen:

  • $1,700.50 in unitemized contributions from 55 donors
  • $150.06 in disbursements

No further detail on his finance report