Time for Daniel Mongiardo to Drop Out

You thought Daniel Mongiardo’s profanity-laced outbursts on Monday were rough. Well, get ready for this. Here’s the full audio.

Daniel Mongiardo comes unglued and refers to Governor Steve Beshear as an SOB.


Think Steve Beshear will continue lying about his support for Mongiardo?

The Lt. Governor owes the Commonwealth an apology for maligning the highest office in the state. For maligning the office for which he is running. And for being a hypocrite.


“I’ve been working on this information technology n health care for a decade. You know where he put it now? He took it out from under me and put it over in Health & Human Services under, uh, Janie Miller, who knows squat about this.

“And, uh, what can I do? Uh, I complain about it publicly. Well, no, n, the governor just says, “I can’t work with this guy.”

“I’ve got, … I’ve got no leverage over this SOB.

“You know I’m, I’m this close to saying fuck it all. I don’t need this job. I don’t need the U.S. Senate.”