Andy Barr Launches Exploratory Against Chandler

Republican Andy Barr has just announced that he’s launching an exploratory campaign to run against Ben Chandler for the U.S. Congress. Andy, well-known throughout the 6th District, is 36-years-old, an attorney with Kinkead & Stilz and a part-time instructor of Constitutional Law at the University of Kentucky. Before working at Kinkead and Stilz he served as Deputy General Counsel for Governor Ernie Fletcher.

“Today I am forming an Exploratory Committee to build support for a campaign in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District,” Barr said. “Our country is at a crossroads and needs leadership that will bring balance to the national political discussion. After talking with my wife, Carol, and the rest of our family, I am taking the initial steps necessary to travel the District, talk with potential supporters, and raise the resources necessary to launch a successful campaign.”

While he’s got a tough row to hoe against Ben Chandler, it appears Barr has lined up quite a bit of support. His exploratory committee includes people like Louis Hillenmeyer (chair), Rear Admiral William V. “Van” Alford, Jr., retired from the Navy, Priscilly Lynd, M.D., Ray Ball, Warren Rogers, Tom Dupree, Jr., Lee Greer, Phil Greer, Charles Sachatello, M.D., Janey moores, Thomas Slabaugh, M.D. (as well as his son and namesake, also M.D.), George Ginter, M.D., Brad Cowgill, Brian Patton and Anjum Bux, M.D.

Looks like Chandler won’t get his cakewalk to re-election as he expected.