Big Ruh Ro: Larry Clark Loses Labor Endorsement

State Representative, homophobe and Speaker Pro-Tempore of the Kentucky State House has lost the endorsement of the Teamsters. That’s what we call highly damning.

This could spell the end for Clark’s cakewalk to re-election. He’s finally got a fight on his hands and it’s a direct result of his lies, negativity and all-around bullshiz.

I got my hands on a letter from Fred Zuckerman, President of Teamsters Joint Council # 94, Clark is excoriated and kicked to the curb. We’d imagine he’s probably none too happy about nearly every labor big dog in the region being carbon copied on the letter, either.

So we don’t taint anything, let’s take a look at the letter in its entirety:

August 26, 2009

Mr. Larry Clark
State Representative
5913 Whispering Hills Blvd.
Louisville, Kentucky 40219

Dear Representative Clark,

I am extremely disappointed that you continue to spread lies in the community stating that I had put someone up to run against you in the next election. I told you in a recent phone conversation that it was not true and if you continued to knowingly spread these lies I would expose you as a liar. I was recently told by members of the Teamsters and UFCW they had conversations with you after the phone call where you continue to tell people I put Brian Simpson up to run against you. Additionally, you stated the only way to resolve this issue is for me to give you a written letter of endorsement.

I can assure you that you will never have the Teamsters endorsement. That is a result of you turning your back on workers employed in Kentucky’s alcohol industry with your support and vote on House Bill # 144. Along with other labor organizations I had personally asked for your support to look for alternatives to the alcohol sales tax which you had told us wouldn’t be taken up in this legislative session anyway. ( see April 6, 2009 letter to Tim Thompson ) Then on May 5, 2009 ( letter enclosed ) you send me a letter in an attempt to justify your vote. You attempt to justify your vote by saying the General Assembly gave corporations a break in 2005 in House Bill 272. You seem to completely miss the point. You only voted to raise the tax on the alcohol industry and not all the corporations who received a lower corporate tax rate and elimination of the corporate license tax given to them in House Bill 272. When we asked for your support you turned us down and as a result we can no longer support you.

The other issue is you telling people I put Brian Simpson up to run against you. I told you already that is not true yet you continue to maliciously spread that lie. If I had I would be man enough to tell you I did and not lie about it. Brother Simpson, who is a long term member of Teamsters Local 89 has informed us he was running for State Representative in the 46th Legislative District. At this time we have not endorsed nor encouraged anyone in this race but we are certainly interested in supporting a candidate who will support the working families in Kentucky. You have demonstrated that you can not.

I am sending a copy of this letter to Brother Simpson. You can call him and discuss whether or not I had put him up to run against you which will certainly make you look foolish when he tells you we had nothing to do with it.

Fred Zuckerman
Teamsters Joint Council # 94


Gary Best – President UFCW 227
DeeAnn Flaherty – Executive Director JCTA
Brent McKim – President JCTA
Todd Thomason – Secretary Treasurer Teamsters Local 783
John Bolton – Secretary Treasurer Teamsters Local 89
Chis Sanders – UFCW 227
Caitlin Lally – UFCW 227
Aubrey Cheatham – Political Director Teamsters Local 89
John Stovall – Teamsters Local 783

Click here for a PDF of the original letter.

Ruh or for sure. This officially opens up the race for Republican Brian Simpson. While he may not knock Larry out of the House, it certainly leaves things on the table for a competitive race. It’s proof you can’t play fast and loose or suck as a legislator and get away with it forever.