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Thursday Dept of Insane Metro Council Meltdowns

August 6th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Dear traditional news lady: swiping our original content – and even grabbing links you’d have *zero* chance to find without this site – isn’t exactly Kosher without citation. Give us the same respect we give you. You don’t get a free pass just because you work for a failing newspaper.

It’s Day 9 of Golden B.S. Awards. Only one day to go. Make your nominations for each category ASAP. [Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8 & Day 9]

Don’t miss the very public meltdown of Louisville Metro Council’s Democratic Spokesman. Live. On the internets. [Page One Hilarity]

And don’t miss the comments about the near-riot situation in Louisville today. Complete with press releases from David Tandy. [More Page One]

For those of you who keep suggesting that the individual health insurance market could solve all of our problems. [Read It]

Mike Duncan spent $103,660 on his re-election bid for the RNC chairmanship. $30,800 of his personal funds. [Kentucky Gazette]

Hello, ladies, let’s track us some of that stimulus money here in Kentucky. The Commonwealth got more per capita funding than the national average. But Barack Obama hates Kentucky because it voted for John McCain, right? Make sure you check out the fancy county list of who got what. Trigg Co got $2,419 per capita. [ProPublica]

Peep the rest after the jump…

Via WHAS11′s Joe Arnold, we learn that Fairmount Park near St. Louis is ending its live racing program this month. Why? Because of a lack of revenue from casinos. And, no, Joe, we don’t have the entire campaign to debate issues. Not when the media is focusing on something so ridiculous. The least the media could do is focus on an instance of hypocrisy or two. [Racing Story & Conway Flap]

Kim Geveden said Jack Conway “folded like a cheap suit under the pressure.” But would a silver spoon, caviar elitist fold anything – let alone a cheap suit? Somebody needs to give Kimball a reminder that his talking points are becoming contradictory. [Politico]

Dear Paultards: This is why you aren’t being taken seriously by your fellow Republicans. [RON PAUL REVOLUTIONZ!!1!]

Did you hear Francene going crazy for an hour about how the White House has gone Orwellian by soliciting tips about disinformation campaigns? Huffington Post has the scoop on the shenanigans and the crazy RNC talking points. [HuffPo]

The Republican birthers are still wondering why John Yarmuth refuses to attend fake health care “town halls”? [TPM]

Beshear guy Larry Hayes was designated Vice-Chair of the Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs today. [Secretary of State Alert]

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    I’m thinking about turning myself in to the Obama thought police and daring someone to confront me about it.