Breaking: Fischer Announcing Campaign Today

Former U.S. Senate candidate Greg Fischer will announce his campaign for mayor in about an hour.

“Louisville is at a crossroads as we consider new directions for the twenty-first century”, Fischer said. “Not only are my sights set on creating an open and diverse culture at City Hall, but I feel the time has clearly come to unleash the potential of one of the most unique cities in America. We must find new ways to harness Louisville’s energy.”


“I intend to utilize both my business and political experience in serving this city. I will deliver tax efficient, high-quality city services to all our residents in every neighborhood,” Fischer said. “I also understand the critical role Louisville plays as an engine to our state’s economy, and I will be a strong, vocal leader for our community in Frankfort and throughout the Commonwealth.”

Fischer’s website just went live.

We hear through the grapevine that Fischer has already pulled together a campaign staff. But also hear Louisville’s delegation to Frankfort is set to oppose him for having Larry O’Bryan on-hand as part of his campaign team and because his family is supporting Daniel Mongiardo (Greg says he’s remaining neutral). Fischer would be wise to avoid the good old boy political crew if he expects to be taken seriously as a game changer. I’ve met with him (and other candidates) over the past several weeks and he seems to have a great plan. He also seems to have changed his naive ways since 2008. Yes, that’s high praise coming from Page One, ladies.

We also expect Jim King to announce his candidacy later this week. Don’t expect David Tandy to run for mayor. He hinted at this morning’s arena meeting that he’d rather focus on his family.

Note: Updated the story to include a more current photograph of Fischer.