Your Wednesday Dept of, Well, Outrageous Crap

Don’t miss your chance to win copies of Bluegrass Treasures and Horse Farms! Enter today. Drawing is Friday afternoon. [Page One]

Marcus Carey still can’t come to terms with the fact that a scary black man was overwhelmingly elected president. Now he can’t handle a liberal Jew getting elected in Minnesota. FEAR! TERRA! [Saving Us From Scary Non-Whites!]

We think some south ender’s memory has been, um, washed by the Bush Administration. That “cheering” he mentions on 9/11? It wasn’t cheering. It was the entire world – including the parts of the world that hate the United States – gathering in support of us in our time of need. [C-J]

Might throw up over this one. A western Kentucky girl (19) who was employed by a nursing home has been indicted for using a cell phone to record video of a nude female resident. Really. At a nursing home. [AP via H-L]

Remember that time, last year, when Daniel Mongiardo spoke about how much he loved Glenn Beck at the Wendell Ford Dinner? You should watch this fancy video of Glenn Beck going insane over the election of Al Franken to the U.S. Senate. [Page One Flashback & Barefoot & Progressive]

You’ll only have to pay a $30 fine if your kid isn’t in a booster seat. And if you buy one after getting a ticket? You don’t have to pay the fine. Woe unto our backwater ways, Kentucky. [Bluegrass Politics]

Kentucky is the #1 in smoking, the #7 fattest, #7 with diabetes, #2 with adult physical inactivity, #6 when it comes to 15.7% living in poverty. And our top five state industries, in order? Manufacturing; Government; Real Estate, Rental and Leasing; Health Care and Social Assistance; and Retail Trade. Nothing about the horse industry or horse industry-related jobs. [Healthy Americans]

Basically, we cannot wait until July 10th when Bruno is released in theaters. Talk about pee alerts! JEEZ! [HuffPo]