Another Sheldon Berman Bombshell for JCPS

Remember all that hoopla Jefferson County Public Schools Superintendent Sheldon Berman fed us when we publicly questioned his involvement in the Virtual High School (VHS) organization and whether or not it was ethical?

Remember when he assured us that there was nothing fishy going on? That there was no way he’d use his position as superintendent of schools to help promote the organization/business he was tied to so they could make money?

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Remember all that?

Turns out that VHS decided to keep him on board in 2007 when he came to Louisville because – get this – they planned to use him to make money!

As the Hudson superintendent for 14 years, Berman was one of the architects of Virtual High School – a Maynard organization that provides online courses for schools across the nation.

Berman helped start the business by writing a grant proposal in 1996, and is on the board of directors. As part of an agreement between VHS and Hudson, School Committee members select one of VHS’s 11 board members each year.

Even though Berman is now the superintendent of Jefferson County, Ky., the School Committee voted June 30 to keep Berman on the board.

“One of the hopes is he’ll be presenting VHS to Louisville and presumably to other people in Kentucky,” said School Committee Chairman Thomas Green.


“Shelly helped to write the original grant proposal,” said Pape. “He brought his knowledge of what kids need by way of support in the classroom to what kids need by way of instruction online.”

When VHS became a nonprofit organization in 2001, it signed an intellectual property agreement with Hudson, said Pape. Through this 15-year contract, once VHS reaches a certain revenue amount, a small percentage of it will be given to Hudson.

Green said that is another reason the School Committee voted to keep Berman on the board – so he can introduce VHS to Jefferson County and potentially boost its revenue.

How bout them apples?

It appears that Sheldon Berman has NOTHING to explain. It’s all been laid out for us. He’s deceitful or at the very least, wholly dishonest. He and his staff told us point-blank that he did not remain on the board of VHS so VHS could benefit financially.

Low and behold, that’s exactly why he remained on the board.

Shame on us for not being able to locate that article published in June 2007. Shame on us.

Oh, and after the story we published two days ago on the evaluations roughly 1,000 JCPS teachers provided for Berman? It’s pretty clear that the Jefferson County Board of Education will be derelict of it’s duty if this newly discovered (for Kentuckians, anyway) piece of information isn’t heavily considered.