Tuesday Dept of Being Back In Civilization

See that? The first of a long string of legal actions against Steve Henry surfaces. Stay tuned for a few Henry lackeys to foam at the mouth about how he shouldn’t be prosecuted for breaking law after law after law. [Page One]

Charlie Moore said Rand Paul is “a little too out of the mainstream for Kentuckians to accept” on Kentucky Tonight last evening. Because he embodies the same ideology as his father. And at that moment we learned that Charlie Moore should probably try a bit harder to get in touch with everyday Kentuckians than the previous Chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party. [Kentucky Tonight]

Really? The state would appeal this ruling to keep the sex offender database in public hands? What the flip kind of waste of money is this? These people need to be fired. Immediately. [Debbie Yetter]

Mitch McConnell and hypocrisy are close friends. Now he’s trying to explain why he’s open to filibustering President Barack Obama’s unnamed supreme court nominee. When Dubya nominated Supreme Court members, McConnell vehemently opposed any such filibuster. [DailyKos]

Wasn’t it cute watching Mitch McConnell tip-toe around endorsing Jim Bunning’s alleged candidacy? [AP via Kentucky Enquirer & Roll Call]

What was that you folks yelled at me when I mentioned Larry Clark was pulling Greg Stumbo’s puppet strings? [Larry Dale Keeling]

Governor Steve Beshear says he hasn’t yet made a decision about a special legislation session or what the topics would be if we have one. Not trying to be too mean, but, who believes that? Anybody? Seriously, who believes that? [H-L]

Joe wonders whether Rand Paul is too far left or too far right for Kentucky Republicans. [Joe Gerth]

OH NOES! Doug ‘Protectin You From The Mexicans’ Hawkins is on the Twitter machine! [Fear]

Of course the disaster at the Louisville Arena site “shouldn’t have happened.” Now everyone is going to freak out and constantly worry about dying in a collapse. Great. [Business First]