The Sheldon Berman Backtracking Voicemail

Promised yesterday that I’d publish a voicemail from Sheldon Berman’s spokesperson at Jefferson County Public Schools.

In the message on April 20th at 4:21 P.M. Eastern, Luaren Roberts called back for the third or fourth time in a day (during this story) to backtrack on everything Berman’s office had said throughout the day. You’ll recall that he emphatically denied sending a resume and letter of recommendation on behalf of his “friend” Natlie Stiglitz Bolton to the Dean of Education at Bellarmine University.

We reported that the resume was sent the week prior to our story. Turns out that’s not the case– Berman sent it in February. Which happens to be much more damaging, now that we know he was involved very early on.


As you can plainly hear, there was major backtracking going on. Berman admitted to sending the email after we caught him. And the only contention he had was with the timeframe. (Like that ruined the story?) Unfortunately for him, he didn’t think the timeframe bit through before telling us he’d sent it in February.