The Sheldon Berman & C-J Spin Job Begins

Want proof the Courier-Journal is in bed with Jefferson County Public Schools?

Here you go:

JCPS Superintendent Sheldon Berman sent out a memo to members of the Jefferson County Board of Education yesterday, defending his recommendation earlier this month to approve a contract with a non-profit organization in which he also serves on its board of directors.

On April 13, the school board voted to approve a contract with VHS (Virtual High School) out of Massachusetts that will essentially allow 50 high school students from Atherton and Eastern high schools to choose from a variety of elective courses from the VHS catalog. In addition, two teachers will also provide course instruction for a VHS course.

What’s interesting about the memo Berman sent out is that he says he receives no monetary compensation for the time he spends serving on various boards of directors. Fine and dandy.

But as we’ve reported time and again on this very website– both before and after the Robert Felner scandal– it’s not about making money for yourself. The appearance of impropriety exists because you scratch your friends’ backs and they scratch yours in return. Reference: John Deasy.

You’ll note that the Office of the Attorney General doesn’t address anything of the sort. But with Berman’s close ties to Robert Felner and with everything else we’ve unfortunately had to report about him, maybe they should?

We’ve got an interesting voicemail from Berman’s assistant that we’ll publish later. It’s the one where she calls back at the end of the day to tell us she was sorry, that Berman was backtracking, that everything we’d said was accurate.