More Problems For JCPS’ Sheldon Berman

The Jefferson County Public Schools Superintendent may have another problem on his hands.

We hear through the grapevine that Sheldon Berman sits on the Board of Directors of the Center for Applied Special Technologies (CAST) in MA.

CAST has a program called Universal Design for Learning that Berman has pushed for implementation– with tons and tons of money, of course– in the school district. Something that would make the reading program we mentioned the other day look like, you guessed it, chump change.

Berman, we hear, has refused to resign from the Board despite being advised to do so by the attorney for the Board of Education. From what we can tell, he found some sort of ruling that he thinks exempts him.

Thoughts? Is anyone else tired of education officials and their appearances of impropriety?

We fully expect his office to go crazy calling us today, issuing denial after denial. Only to back off a few hours later and owning up to everything, like always.