Update On Two Felner Scandal Players

We hear through the higher education grapevine that Robert Felner crony and confidant Natalie Bolton (Stiglitz) is ready to move on from the University of Louisville. Bolton, whom we tied to JCPS Supe Sheldon Berman through late night “runs” and the infamous Robert Felner through telephone records, reportedly had a closed-door interview with Dr. Cindy Meyer Gnadinger, the Dean of Education at Bellarmine University last week.

The meeting, we hear, went well, but no one at Bellarmine expects her to be hired. Sources reveal to us that after Bolton left the meeting, Sheldon Berman sent an email to Gnadinger containing Bolton’s resume and a letter of recommendation.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out. If Bolton doesn’t move to Bellarmine after the Felner scandal, will Berman hire her at Jefferson County Public Schools?

Another interesting rumor/note: Sheldon Berman sits on the Board of Making Meaning, a company that pushes a K-8 reading comprehension curriculum to schools around the country.

In his position, Berman faces a difficult ethical dilemma. He’s trying to bring the Making Meaning curriculum to JCPS, especially at Western Middle School. But usually, educators and professionals avoid crossing lines by encouraging their employer to purchase programs and materials from organizations they’re not directly affiliated with.  Right?

How will it all play out?

UPDATE @ 2:40: A spokesperson from JCPS called us to declare up & down that Berman didn’t send an email. But he did – from his personal email account. We can post it if need be. But thanks for the damage control.

We’ve been assured that Berman isn’t on the board of Making Meaning. And mysteriously, his name has been removed from the website since our story went live.

Very interesting.