Faux Fairness Organization Investigated by OAG

All right, let’s talk about this other elephant in the political room these days: the faux fairness “organization” called Kentucky Equality Federation.

Read about KEF and it’s questionable leader/founder, Jordan Palmer, here, here and here.

Anyway, we heard through our Homo Mafia Gayvine [TM] that the Kentucky Equality Federation was under investigation by the Office of the Attorney General’s department of consumer protection. So we decided to check things out.

Turns out our Gayvine was spot-on.  KEF has reached an “assurance of voluntary compliance” to prevent legal action from proceeding. We got our hands on a copy of it. Check it out by clicking here. (Warning: PDF Link)

Some highlights from the AVC:


12. Petitioner has alleged that the Respondent has engaged in unfair, false, misleading or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of trade and commerce, in violation of KRS 367.170 of the Act.

13. Respondent denies the factual allegations and legal contentions of the Petitioner and specifically denies that he has violated Kentucky law. In order to resolve their differences, the parties have entered into this Assurance of Voluntary Compliance.


14. Petitioner alleges that Respondent violated KRS 367.170 when he promised, through and on behalf of the charitable or civic organization, Federation for Kentucky Equality, Inc./Kentucky Equality Federation (“Federation”), that certain student organizations at various Kentucky schools would be granted funds derived from an award to Federation from MySpace.com and failed to provide the funds to the student organizations as promised. Petitioner alleges that the student organizations relied upon the promise of funds to their detriment, incurring expenses and obligations which they would not otherwise have incurred. Petitioner alleges that the students received repeated assurances from Respondent that he would forward the funds, however the funds were never provided. Additionally, Petitioner alleges that Respondent used the award money for purposes not authorized by the Federation.


15. The Respondent does not admit to any wrongdoing or violation of law, and this AVC shall not be considered an admission of violation for any purpose. Respondent contends that all award money was used as authorized by the Board.


16. Nothing in this AVC shall relieve Respondent of its obligations to comply with all applicable state and federal law.


19. The Respondent consents and agrees to compromise and settle the consumer protection violations alleged by the Petitioner, and consent to the filing of this AVC, for the purpose of resolving the Petitioner’s allegations stated in this AVC.

20. The Respondent states that he was advised of the opportunity to obtain his attorney’s advice and representation, and that he has been advised by an attorney relating to this matter.

The AG took funds ($5,750) from KEF/Jordan Palmer and distributed money to various organizations KEF promised funds before it went virtually silent. Palmer provided the OAG those funds in the form of checks for restitution and the OAG is distributing the funds to the following Gay-Straight Alliance chapters: Berea College @ $2,000, Morehead State University @ $2,500, Eastern Kentucky University @ $500 and Murray State @ $750.

Palmer is also reimbursing the OAG $1,500 for costs of investigation.

Remember what we said about KEF last year? No? Confused? Click those links above. We’re tooting our own horn, here, about being right. Because Palmer and KEF are, in our opinion, effing swindlers in the third degree. If you give that organization money, you’re asking for trouble.

It’s time for faux organizations like KEF to stop wasting the Commonwealth’s time.

We’ll update if Palmer ever provides a response.

UPDATE: HAHA! Jordan Palmer just threatened to SUE us because we feature and link to his fake organization’s allegedly trademarked logo on this website. Check his comment here. Unfortunately for him, we’re well within fair use because we have edited the image and actually link to his fake organization’s website.

He’s also apparently saying he lied about what he signed and agreed to with the Office of the Attorney General.

Anyway, let Palmer sue us. He can’t afford to face our high-power attorneys and bank of state government allies.

In honor of Palmer’s weird and unlawful demands, here’s something else:

Additionally: Here’s the email we sent Palmer requesting comment, to which he apparently cannot or will not respond to:


Care to comment on the OAG investigation and the AVC?

If you didn’t violate the law or mislead people, as you allege in the AVC, then why provide restitution?

I plan to run a story in about 15 minutes and if I don’t hear from you, I’ll add commentary once it’s provided.

Many thanks.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Palmer is now threatening suit via email:

This was a civil matter, and I was urged not to settle. However; the GSAs are the important thing; I wanted no ill-will toward them. I just got a call from US Justice about your post wanting to know how you got your hands on it. You will be subpoenaed.

The Kentucky Attorney General’s Office itself is apparently under investigated by Medicaid and Medicare.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. – Abraham Lincoln. The same can be said for our community. Certain people want to destroy Kentucky Equality, but we still stand strong with new volunteers and additional Board members.


We could have EASILY won this in court; but, I then would not have had the money to give to the GSAs; and they have always been a priority for me. Why settle? Why not? I always wanted them to have the money, but wanted to know exactly what they would do with it to increase tolerance or make their school a safer place.

Jill, please handle this; I want the Kentucky Equality’s logo off this site, and Jacob Payne sued for deprivation, and slander. You see Jacob; you DO NOT have all the documents! We did nothing wrong, that is why it was in the civil division, NOT criminal. Rather than waste money on a legal defense, I decided to pay it so it goes to LGBTI organizations instead of the AG’s Office. This time Jacob, you have crossed the line.

Note: We are under no legal obligation to keep Palmer’s threatening response confidential. We only protect sources and informants when it comes to confidentiality.

He’ll need to sue Full Signal Media Group, LLC, as it’s the company that owns everything said on this website.

We love that he’s going crazy by threatening to sue us after negative press.