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TGIF! Frankfort Wasting Time & Money, As Usual

February 13th, 2009 · 6 Comments

What we’re hearing: ABC News is picking up a story about a Louisville-area trucker who hauled damaged product to Peanut Corporation of America back in the summer when the salmonella outbreak began. The shipment originated in Mexico and was rejected by the company where it was supposed to be shipped because peanut paste had leaked all over the trailer. Peanut Corporation of America ended up taking that load. Can you imagine? Definitely fits well with the safety practices Congress is hearing about, doesn’t it? Keep your eyes peeled for the Louisville connection on the national news beginning today.

81,411 Kentuckians are still without power due to the wind storm. Ice storm restoration is now being slowed by our fancy weather from Wednesday. Let’s all scream and yell in frustration. [Press Release]

Thanks to Jim Gooch’s latest idiocy, OPERATION GOOCH is yet again in full swing. Bloviating on the “false promise” of alternative energy, Gooch is just asking for another national media appearance with which to embarrass the Commonwealth of Kentucky. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Stephenie Steitzer is liveblogging the State Senate debate on taxes. 16 senators say they plan to vote yes, 10 are firm no votes. 10 decline to say how they lean. [Stephenie Steitzer]

Isn’t it frustrating to watch this gambling legislation clear committees and such even though it’s on the “back burner”? It’s also a travesty that the gambling bill cleared the Licensing & Occupations committee despite most of the members never having seen a final version of the actual bill. [Bluegrass Politics here & here]

Former RNC Chair Mike Duncan has been chosen to serve as the new chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority. [H-L]

The mother of a PRP football player who died after practicing on a hot day last summer supports Rep. Joni Jenkins’ sports safety bill. This bill’s chances of passing with a mere three weeks remaining in session are slim, but if if our legislature had any sense at all it’d be working overtime to get something so important pushed through the ranks. Instead, we’ll waste time bickering about gambling, smoking and drinking. [C-J]

Governor Steve Beshear is still wasting our time and tax dollars trying to take over domain names of illegal gambling websites. Our out-of-date Governor’s administration continually reminds us just how back water and ignorant they wish to be perceived every second they waste time and money on this ridiculous effort. We have thousands without jobs, losing their homes, starving. And this is what they waste OUR time and OUR money on. [The 'Ville Voice]

And because this is Kentucky and we love keeping ourselves poor and uneducated, we’re making giant cuts to education because a couple hundred obese jacks in Frankfort can’t get their butts in gear to solve a problem without fluffing their personal feathers first. [Mark Hebert]

Don’t forget to check out our pictures of Jennifer Moore and others from Wednesday night. Some of the photos are too priceless for words. Like Jennifer falling asleep during the meeting. [Page One]

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  • 1 David Adams // Feb 13, 2009 at 9:08 am

    Liveblogging? Looks to me like she is transcribing yesterday’s news out of her newspaper at us.

  • 2 terri // Feb 13, 2009 at 9:09 am

    HB 70 passed.!

  • 3 NotMarkNicholas // Feb 13, 2009 at 9:37 am

    You said load..hehehe…

  • 4 Jim Anderson Stivers // Feb 13, 2009 at 10:18 am

    By TIM SHIPMAN, Political Correspondent

    Risk: Children could become slot machine addicts!

    Millions of children will become gambling addicts because ministers are ‘naive’ about the dangers posed by their casino reforms, one of the world’s leading experts warned.

    Prof Mark Griffiths hit out at Labour’s refusal to ban children from using fruit machines, branding ministers ‘extremely short-sighted’ about the threat to the under 18s.

    In a report sent to ministers, he says the new Gambling Act, due to come into force next September, will pitch a generation of teenagers into a nightmare world of addiction, debt, drugs and crime that could wreck their lives.
    Is all this worth the risk?

    Jim Anderson Stivers
    Read more:

  • 5 James R. // Feb 13, 2009 at 10:23 am

    While I support the Joni Jenkins bill, it does not deal with the direct problem in my opinion. When a thorobred horse died last year, and was found to have taken drugs, the horse industry was put under incredible presure from everyone, including PETA, to stop allowing horses from taking drugs to inhance performance.
    While I feel sad for everyone involved in this situation and its a no win situation, but when the 15 yr old PRP football player died, hardly a wimper was mentioned about the growth hormone enhancing drugs he had been using. The drugs side effects include dehydration among other things. Several high school wrestlers had died of similar effects. (Look at a Vanderbilt University study for more information)
    I would love to see the Commonwealth of Kentucky ban any high school player of any sport who uses any type of growth hormone pills. No questions ask, for the rest of their high school career. This is serious business, not a game.
    I doubt it will happen because legislators usually just bite at the edges of problems. Few seem to have true guts anymore. We have hardly any profiles in courage in Frankfort thats for sure.
    It also is the responsibility of PARENTS to make sure their kids do not take growth enhancing drugs to get big. What ever happened to lifting weights? Parents must be parents. The buddy part comes later.
    If it is horrible for horses and pro players to take growth enhancing drugs, then surely to God it is not healthy and socially acceptable for young high school kids to take them. Wake up.

  • 6 BILked // Feb 13, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    Jake, – great post about the story on the Ville Voice about Beshear wasting time on the stupid internet site grab. Its like Congress wasting time on steroids in baseball. OR …..

    The dumb-vernment and specifically the Revenue Cabinet is not doing their jobs. The State Journal did a story about people in Frankfort owing $3.3m in back state taxes.

    But the most eye catching part of the story is Kentucky is owed $922,000,000 in back state taxes. Yes, $922M/ Our deficit is $456m so if this one little agency under the control of Johnathan Miller did its job, the entire legislative process would change.

    Instead of considering cuts to education, social services, layoffs etc, they could focus on making our state better.

    Why doesn’t the MSM pick up on this and hammer the legislative leaders and Governor relentlessly.

    If you run with this and do the digging into this like you did with Felner, YOU WILL BE MY HERO FOREVER!!!!!!!!

    Link to the SJ story