Mongiardo & Gunner on the Outdoor Channel

For real. Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo and his dog, Gunner, are filming an episode of American Gun Dog on the Outdoor Channel.

From a press release:

Hunting is a favorite seasonal pastime for many Kentuckians, providing innumerable opportunities to get outdoors in diverse locations across the state: from the mountains of the east to the wetlands of the west. This week, Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo and his Yellow Labrador, Gunner, brought Kentucky into the national outdoor recreation spotlight as the focus of an episode of The Outdoor Channel’s popular television program American Gun Dog.

The episode, which will conclude two days of taping this evening in Elliott County, follows the Lieutenant Governor, Gunner and the program’s host, Harley Jackson, as they embark on a bird hunting expedition for Kentucky native quail and ruffed grouse. The hunt—which has spanned three counties—began early Monday morning in Corbin, proceeded into Floyd County for the second day hunting and will end tonight outside of Sandy Hook.

It sure is hard being Lt. Governor. Being all fancy on the teevee, shootin’ guns with your dog and all.

In the photo above, Mongirado’s wearing the bright orange vest. The dog in the picture isn’t Gunner, however, but is some Pointer from the show.