Anne Northup’s Crew: Homosexuals Are Violent!

Now Jefferson Poole, Anne Northup’s lone supporter, is now screaming about “the violent homosexual protesters.”

HAHAHA. Seriously. And he’s also upset that the “violent homosexual protestors” aren’t hating blacks. Despite the fact that countless media outlets have revealed that, oh, I dunno, blacks weren’t responsible for the Proposition 8 vote in California. And, oh, despite Mormons flooding California with ground troops and tons and tons of cash?

Check out what he’s got to say today:

The violent homosexual protesters who have been attacking Mormons since the passage of Proposition 8 in California nearly two weeks ago have now expanded the scope of their H8ful hissy fit to include Catholics. Strangely, they’re still not protesting predominantly black churches…

Yeah. Keep on spinning, Jefferson. If you pray hard enough… maybe we’ll all disappear?

Where do we send your pair of magic Mitt Romney Mormon underwear?

We love how wingnuts and fringe Northup supporters like Poole hype up the Mormons who believe polygamy will help them be GODS and GODDESSES in heaven but hate on the Muslims who believe they’ll get 70 virgins or whatever.

Wasn’t this the argument racist jackasses used for decades? “Oh, the blacks, they’re so violent with their protests! Protect our white women!” Now it’s the gays.

Better protect your children! We’re coming for them!

UPDATE: Actually, sweetie, you’re not a homophobe because “disagree” with “policy”. You’re a homophobe because you push ignorant homophobes like MICHELLE MALKIN.