Wednesday Update Dept Of Cold, Rainy Stuff

While the McConnell campaign deserves praise for using the web during the general election, buying some Google ads here and there and occasionally putting a commercial on YouTube is hardly the mark of being web savvy. Republicans have a long way to go. Slowly but surely. (No, that doesn’t mean Democrats are there, either, outside of Obama.) [U.S. News & World Report]

From David Hawpe: “In an awful environment for a Democrat in Kentucky, with Barack Obama atop his party’s ticket, Lunsford gave McConnell the scare of his political life.” [C-J]

Utahns stand up to their state’s crazy Mormon bigotry. Check the video. And then crawl back in your Republican hidey hole. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Aww, the corrupt Pineville mayor finally resigned. [Bluegrass Beat]

You know, it’d pay to actually pay attention before spouting off in some uncontrolled fashion. Major newspapers everywhere bring up racism in Kentucky because so many people (21% of Democrats in the primary and 9+% of individuals in the general election (both Dems & Repubs, an even higher number than those in the primary) admitted that they voted on the basis of race. It’s awesome watching all the mouth-breathers coming out of the woodwork to proclaim everyone is stupid for discussing, oh, I dunno, FACTS. Yeah, those poor, discriminated against “Southern Whites.” [C-J]

Can you believe it? Dubya finally said that he wishes he hadn’t spoken in front of that retarded “Mission Accomplished” banner in 2003. [CNN]

What’s that? Oh, right, it’s the sound of more than half of McCain voters believing that Obama is or was Muslim, with 31.7% saying “He used to be Muslim and still has too many connections to Islam.” 11.2% actually believe he’s Muslim. 59.8% of McCain voters are homophobic. The top four issues for Obama voters: The economy 66%, Access to health care 63%, Iraq war 50%, The environment 44%. Top four issues for McCain voters? Character 54%, Abortion 53%, Fighting Islamic radicalism 46%, Cleaning up government 46%. [BeliefNet]