A Robert Felner Flashback: More to the Story

On September 9 we submitted an open records request at the University of Louisville in search of several pieces of documentation. Specifically relating to Robert Felner, here’s (verbatim) what we asked for:

Any and all documents relating to Human Subjects Board approval or disapproval of/for research projects of Robert Felner during his tenure at the University of Louisville.

Whether or not Felner had received IRB approval has been a hot topic for discussion over the past few months, and, well, here’s what we have learned: Robert Felner submitted one protocol for IRB review that involved analysis of data collected while he was located at the University of Rhode Island. He did not request IRB approval for any research project that would have allowed data collection from anyone in Kentucky.

The study was #650.06 – Measuring Rhode Island Schools, the purpose of which was to “analyze and report information in a manner than helped shape public policy and evidence-based practice concerning education and prevention initiatives.” Vague, we know.

You’ll have to read the entire 100-page PDF (warning: it’s over 4MB in size, so only download it if you absolutely have the time to devote to it) for all the details.

There you have it. An answer. Felner only had IRB approval for one project. One. In five years.

So were all of his other research projects involving people breaking the rules at UofL?