Denise Harper Angel & KDP Stifle Democracy

It’s official. Denise Harper Angel and the Kentucky Democratic Party are stifling Democracy. Harper Angel, who couldn’t deal with the fact that anyone may pull a few hundred votes away from her, sued to have Scott Ritcher removed from the ballot. We won’t rehash the entire ordeal, but you may read about it here:

So… the court ruled that Scott Ritcher is not a qualified candidate. Some total bullshiz. You may click here (Warning: It’s a huge PDF file) to read the court order. You’ll note that while votes for Ritcher will no longer be counted, the court still backs Ritcher’s honesty by plainly stating that the district boundaries that create the 35th Senate District are confusing.

Let’s take a look at some interesting excerpts from Ritcher’s latest email.

Democrats vs. Democrats

I had hoped most of this campaign would be about the possibilities of how Kentucky could be re-imagined and how we could all make a difference to improve the quality of life for ourselves and those around us. Unfortunately, last month it devolved into a lawsuit filed by someone who would rather use our courts to decide the election than talk about how we can help people in our state.

Read the rest after the jump…

There have been many disappointing and upsetting elements to Denise Harper Angel’s lawsuit against me and the Board of Elections, but I have to say the most puzzling and disheartening theme through all of it has been that she is a Democrat who has used her resources to silence the wishes of Democrats she represents.

The vast majority of voters who signed the nomination petition that placed my name on the ballot are Democrats. The vast majority of the signatures Angel sued to have disqualified are Democrats. The vast majority of the hundreds of Kentucky voters who signed online and called or emailed her office to ask her to drop the lawsuit are also Democrats.

Maybe the only Democrat that didn’t want a choice on this ballot was Denise Harper Angel. Regardless, these Democrats seem to agree with me: maybe Ms. Angel isn’t the best person (Democrat or otherwise) to represent this district in Frankfort.

Angel re-made the case for why I decided to run.

After suing to have our signatures disqualified because she claimed some voters lived outside District 35, she bizarrely scheduled a campaign event in the exact neighborhood of the voters she disputed, surrounded by their homes, and contradicted her lawsuit by telling the audience they were in her district.

After my campaign and hundreds of voters asked her to return thousands of dollars in unnecessary contributions she received from corporate PAC and special interest donors, she filed a finance report showing the dirty money she collected had multiplied many times over and come from even more of these corruptive culprits.

After I suggested she wasn’t campaigning but simply hoping the courts would decide the election, state records showed she had spent only about 11% of the tens of thousands she had raised with the help of health care, pharmaceutical, energy, and other special interest PACs.

And while political bloggers called her lawsuit an embarrassment to herself and Kentucky Democrats, she didn’t show up to any of the court hearings, but sent lawyers to do her dirty work.

We can’t wait to see Denise’s self-righteous butt so we can ask her why she was so terrified to have a challenger.

We encourage everyone in the 35th to vote for Scott Ritcher. The, um, hypocrisy rolling down hill from Harper Angel and the KDP (Jennifer Moore) is disgusting and you should show them what you think of them.