Breaking: Deasy Steps Down From Sup. Job

This story couldn’t get any more controversial than it already has, right?

Haha. Dream on.

John Deasy, who received an allegedly fraudulent Ph.D. from the University of Louisville under the tenure of former Dean Robert Felner, just stepped down from his job. Deasy was head of the Prince George’s County school system in Maryland.

The insane part? OMG. Well, read it for yourself:

John Deasy, who has headed Prince George’s County school for three years, is expected to become the deputy director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Post is reporting.

Bill Gates must not have read any of the news reports, like, oh, the rest of that article in the C-J:

Meanwhile, a committee appointed by U of L President James Ramsey continues to investigate allegations regarding the awarding of the doctorate.

Deasy was awarded a doctorate in philosophy in 2004 after being enrolled at U of L for nine credit hours. He was then superintendent of California’s Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District,

Deasy is linked to former U of L education dean Robert Felner, who is under federal investigation for allegedly misappropriating federal funds. In 2002, Deasy persuaded his school board to approve a three-year, $125,000-per-year contract with Felner’s National Center on Public Education and Social Policy to conduct surveys in the California school district.

Both Deasy and Felner have said that the contract had no connection with Deasy’s doctorate.

Our heads are literally spinning.