Short Thursday Update Dept of SLEEPY

The Kentucky Democratic Party held a meeting of its Central Executive Committee last night via conference call and it was a complete disaster! On the telephone front, that is, because of hideous line noise, confusion, yadda yadda. We actually felt sorry for Jennifer because everyone was going batshiz and couldn’t hear. And that was the most exciting thing of the meeting: the line noise. [PolWatchers]

The former Perry County sheriff who was in office at the time the fancy $573K went missing works for Rep. Hal Rogers. Turns out he’s taking a leave of absense until everything is whitewas… er, resolved. Honestly and hopefully this all gets resolved soon. [H-L]

Imagine that! Mitch McConnell and other Republican Senators have decided not to act on earmarks. Come on, at least act a little surprised. [CQ Politics]

Did you know? Billy 4 Cenate is off to a great start. Former porn star Sonny Landham is using his fame as a wife beater, weener flasher and white supremacist to spread the good word. And he thinks he can beat Mitch McConnell and Bruce Lunsford. Basically, we’re going to be protected from the aliens. That’s for sure. [Joe on dailyKos]

Scott Ritter’s in town tonight. And the Bush Legacy Tour is here for its final day. Check them both out. [Page One & Page One]

Ben Chandler thinks oil companies should drill on land they already have. And he wrote an editorial about it. Forgot to post this a couple days ago. Sorry. Yes, we got all of your emails complaining. [H-L]