Felner-UofL Investigation: The Neverending Story

Wow. EFL Associates, the search firm responsible for finding Robert Felner for the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, charged $70,000 in fees and expenses. We’re pretty much certain at this time that UW-Parkside is convulsing on the floor of its local dive bar and/or trying to drink the pain away. Can you even imagine? $70,000 and EFL didn’t turn up a damn thing?

Also, some spokesman for UW-Parkside is whining that the only specifics about Felner and the federal investigation have come from Felner’s attorney. Isn’t it hilarious how people just sit in denial any time a lowly little blogger comes along and rocks their world? It’s like the one or two journalists that still exist who refuse to have anything to do with me or information I have obtained because I’m “just a blogger.”

But finally! The mainstream media reports what we’ve been saying all along: there was a vote of no confidence, the criminal investigation could involve the purchase of illegal goods/items, and are the MSM is now reporting all the little details we’ve had for days. See for yourself in this story by Gary Kunich of the Kenosha News.

Colleagues of Robert Felner at the University of Louisville tried to have him fired and gave him a “no confidence” vote during a 2006 staff meeting.


The Kenosha News has learned that it might also include the purchase of illegal goods.


Observers say investigators wouldn’t let Felner out of their sight and even followed him to the men’s room before escorting him from the building.

Oh, oh– and the Kenosha News actually gives credit where credit is due:

Jacob Payne, an editor for Page One Kentucky, a political news blog, said he spoke to several sources at the University of Louisville who said Felner argued with officials because he didn’t want to return his computers to the school last week.

On a more interesting note, the search firm tasked with bringing Felner to Kenosha was actually aware of the no-confidence vote (side story on the page) and UW-Parkside totally blew it off. Woopsie daisy.

Maybe it’s just our ego, but there appears to still be great journalism in places like Kenosha.

Read the rest – including some juicy rumor – after the jump…

We have uncovered information that (more than) suggests Robert Felner hired his girlfriend in January 2005 at an annual salary $20K-$30K higher than many tenured faculty – and she had no (still doesn’t) terminal degree. She was a former high school assistant principal who now serves as co-principal on several grants in which Felner is the primary. Nearly everyone we have spoken with at the University of Louisville brings the relationship up because they say it’s indicative of greater problems (i.e, everybody hired while Felner was in charge happened to be young and blonde.) And we’re betting it’s not the last time we’ll hear about the relationship.

On a different note, we have also discovered that Felner threatened to leave the University of Louisville on several occasions and used written offers from other schools in order to obtain matching offers from the Provost. In 2006 Felner got an offer from The Ohio State University that he claimed to be considering seriously. So seriously, in fact, that the University of Louisville gave him another raise and threw a giant party in his honor that included some interesting (to say the least) t-shirts sold to people who wanted to attend the event:

This story gets more and more weird as the days go by.