Ed. Commissioner Jon Draud & His Fancy New Car

Education Commissioner Jon Draud. Remember him? Well, you better, because this is about to tick you completely off.

At a time when Kentucky faces serious budget problems and even more serious cuts and restrictions in the realm of education– we’re spending THOUSANDS of dollars for Jon Draud to drive a fancy new 2008 Chrysler 300. A Chrysler 300 with more than $13,000 in options added to its base price.

All while teachers from Georgetown to Glasgow are forced to forfeit classroom funds that were raised by students just to pay utility bills. That odor is one of hypocrisy and waste, boys and girls.

Take a look at the Courier-Journal’s story for details:

Jon Draud said the lease had expired on the previous car he had been driving, and the state came to him and asked what kind of car he wanted to drive.

He settled on a 2008 Chrysler 300, which has a base price of $18,101 with standard equipment. With the add-ons requested by Draud, the state ended up paying $30,697 for the car.


Lisa Gross, spokeswoman for the state education department, said it has been cutting back on travel expenses in an effort to trim its operations budget by about 7 percent.

“We’ve encouraged our employees to try and use alternate ways, whether it be e-mail or setting up a video conference via the Internet … ,” she said. “We’ve also cut back on the number of people who travel, especially if it’s traveling out of state.”

Yeah, our sentiments exactly. Who in their right mind believes a V8 engine is required for a $150 navigation system? And who in their right mind believes we need to provide luxury automobiles for state employees? And that whole “large cars are safer” bit? Please.

Somebody has some explaining to do to the citizens of this Commonwealth and that explaining needs to happen RIGHT NOW!