Fischer’s Open Book: Yet Another Chapter

Contrary to our reputation as an all-out gossip queen’s scandal sheet, we’re capable of doing research and breaking stories. Who knew? In the ongoing saga of Greg Fischer’s open book as a businessman, we thought we’d share just a taste of the information we’ve dug up.



But Fischer begged the press to check out his past.

And where’s the press? Sitting somewhere on their hands as usual.

  • In 1996 SerVend International and Fischer Enterprises were sued in a patent rights case re: the cold plate used in Fischer’s combo ice/beverage dispenser. It ended up being settled and the motion was withdrawn, leaving interested parties wondering whether Greg Fischer is the intuitive inventor he claims to be. Source: United States District Court Civil Docket, 4:96cv174. December 18, 1996.

Tons more of the juicy, juicy after the jump. Oh Noes!

  • Fischer’s investment firm, Iceberg Ventures, was named a defendant in a lawsuit brought by Fifth Third Bank of Kentucky against, one of Fischer’s investments. $100,087.93 in outstanding debt existed after the company defaulted on a loan. Iceberg Ventures had collateral by virtue of a security agreement. Source: Fifth Third Bank, Kentucky v., Inc and Iceberg Ventures C-Z, LLC. July 21, 2001.
  • Dant Clayton, Fischer’s stadium seating company, was sued by a former employee for sexual harrassment in 2001. The former employee (who was fired) claimed that she was harrassed by co-workers for being female and that management was aware of the situation but did nothing to stop it. The victim claimed she was damaged financially and suffered mental distress and humiliation. Naturally, the case was settled before it went to trial. Source: Belfiore, Eileen M vs. Dant Clayton Corporation, Case #01-CI-002772. April 23, 2001.
  • While we’re on the topic of Dant Clayton, it was named a defendant in 2005 in a traffic accident case that involved an employee. The employee was the cause of a traffic accident that resulted in serious injury. The case, again, was settled before it went to trial. Source: Rice, Dennis J. vs. Dant Clayton Corporation, et. al., Case #05-CI-000746. January 24, 2005.
  • MedVenture Technology Corporation was sued in 2007 by Medimorphosis, LLC to recover improvements (monetary damages for improvements) removed by MedVenture at 1044 East Chestnut Street, Louisville. Source: Medimorphosis, LLC vs. Medventure Technology Corporation. June 12, 2007.
  • Before that, MedVenture was sued by a former employee who transferred to the firm from another with the promise of a three-year contract and could only be terminated with “good cause.” The employee was subsequently fired before three years had passed and he claimed there were no good causes. The played out for four years before being– you guessed it– settled before trial. Source: Wilson, Michael A. vs. MedVenture Technology Corporation. January 31, 2003.

We’ve got tons more where this came from. This merely scratches the surface. And somebody’s business record isn’t the clean slate in which they’d like you to believe.

Oh, and Greg Fischer picked up the endorsements of Christie & Owsley Brown II’s crew, just like we said he would. A few of those folks: David Karem, Mary Lou Marzian (she spread rumors about Andrew Horne in January, if you’ll recall), Larry Clark, Perry Clark (guess who needs that Brown money to take on Doug Hawkins!), Jim Welch, Ron Mazzoli and Bobby Thompson.