Ruh Ro: Drama in Cassaroland?

Sure, Cassaro’s campaign doesn’t matter, but there’s drama!

We hear from several former campaign staffers of Michael Cassaro that he is refusing to pay them. (Who knew four staff members had departed?) Three of the former staffers allege physical and verbal harassment (not sexual, just unwanted touching) from the campaign’s Communications Director. The staffers attempted to quietly resolve the harassment issue with Dr. Cassaro but he promptly ignored their complaints, later terminating them without payment.

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Keep in mind these are allegations (though we’ve seen some pretty interesting email that appears to back these claims up) and we’ve only heard stories from a few individuals, not Cassaro or the Communications Director. We sent emails to both seeking comment re: the allegations but they issued prompt denials. From Cassaro’s CD, “These are false allegations that are currently under investigation.” He then directed us to call someone named Dennis, who appears to be the campaign’s Field Director. In a follow-up email, the Communications Director claimed not to know anything about the situation. We’re not sure why he gave us two different stories.

A lawsuit is being considered by a couple staffers in an hopes of resolving the matter… so we hope the drama is put to rest and soon by Dr. Cassaro.

Not good, kids! Not good.

There are woah more allegations that we won’t even bother getting into. It’s all a weird, tangled mess involving child protective services in both Kentucky and Massachusetts, money funneling. We just hope Cassaro realizes he has to effing pay his campaign staff.

PAY YOUR STAFF, PEOPLE. Only cheapskates like a certain former Democratic Lt. Governor and a current female presidential candidate don’t pay their employees and/or bills.